“Clean lungs heal our illness, keep us in good health”
“Clean lungs heal our illness, keep us in good health”
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Says Director Seo Hyo-seok of Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital

By Feature Editor Kim Hyung-dae

There is a word in his last will after having devoted his entire life to the development of medicine. 
The expression that reads, 'Immunity is the best doctor,' has become a legend and remains until 2400 years later.
However, at that time, there was no way to identify the immune mechanism that affected the human body because there was no microscope.
Since then, with the development of science, we have also learned that there are astronomically many microorganisms living in the human body, and there are red blood cells and white blood cells.

Director Seo Hyo-seok of Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital
Director Seo Hyo-seok of Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital

However, when people became sick, they did not try to find a way to cure it in their body but outside it.
 “Where is the medicine to cure this which one might wish to call ‘disease’?”,  “Where is the doctor who can cure this disease?”
However, this was in vain, the more so when the case was more difficult to find remedy to.
The best doctor is inside ‘my’ body.
In particular, when our lungs are clean, the tonsils that protect our neck become strong, releasing healthy lymphocytes and bright white blood cells, defeating numerous germs and viruses, and curing our disease.
For more than 50 years, I have been able to cure 197,000 incurable patients with these new ideas.
People find diseases very difficult, but the truth is always simple.
The most important thing is 'breathing.'

As long as we have water, we can live without eating for two months, but we cannot stop breath just for three minutes.
Therefore, what the most important and precious thing is the air.
In this regard of this truth, however, people are not interested in what they get for free, but is interested only in food that costs money.
What a pity the situation is!

Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital building in Seoul
Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital building in Seoul

People in the world think diamonds are valuable, but they forget to remember that the air, water, and soil that they can't live without, are so very important.
Among them, breathing is the most important thing for life.
This is because disease is in the living life, and disease is in the breath.
Clean breathing, good breathing, a clear breathing keeps the diseases away.
The lungs in the baby are very pretty when the baby is in the mother's womb.
All babies' lungs, across races and borders, are in the pink color, which is very beautiful.
When the baby is born with its first voice, the lungs that were folded in the mother's stomach open wide and accept the air in the atmosphere.
This is when life begins.
When the large energy filling the universe enters the living things and comes into the lungs through the nose, organ, and bronchial tubes, energy is generated.
This atmosphere, where we live in, is the source of all the energies.
In the West, this is simply called air because it is empty.
In the Orient, the atmosphere, which is the great energy that surrounds the Earth, enters and exits in the living thing. It is called "breathing”
Unfortunately, three years after birth, these beautiful lungs turn into a gray color.
When you breathe through your nose, many things come in and go out through it such as fine dust, ultrafine dust, car smoke, rug hair, and sand wind.
Everyone's lungs get dirty and there is no exception.
But no one knows this, no one cares about this.
When ‘garbage’ accumulates in the lungs, diseases come in, and eventually ends up with the sad news, "One has deceased."

Pyunkang-tang medicine developed by Director Seo Hyo-seok of Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital.
Pyunkang-tang medicine developed by Director Seo Hyo-seok of Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital.


So then, what is the difference between a dirty lung and a clean lung?
When the first precious guest, red blood cells, comes to the dirty lungs, they receive and take away the dirty oxygen.
Of course, one feels body heavy and feels tired.
When the second precious guest, the white blood cell, arrives, germs and viruses may pass by because it cannot open its eyes because of the pile of garbage.
On the contrary, when red blood cells come to clean lungs, clear and clean oxygen is received.
Naturally, one feels one’s body light and does not feel tired.
When white blood cells come into clean lungs, the ability to identify immunity increases and the eye sights become brighter.
White blood cells that have recovered their bright eyes identify all more than 200 flu viruses, find all dozens of pneumococcus, and thoroughly protect own body.
This situation prevents one from getting pneumonia and protects one from the flu.
In fact, it does not even miss cancer cells.
It finds 5,000 cancer cells without fail, which are born every day to everyone.
This is the new idea that the eyes of the white blood cells become bright.

The brightened eyes of white blood cells now find harmful bacteria in the body.
There are as many as 100 trillion microorganisms living in the human body.
If you look closely at the world of microorganisms, harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria are fighting with each other every day.
Harmful bacteria cause inflammation such as angiitis, enteritis, and neuritis, and beneficial bacteria turn away inflammation.
So, we have no choice but to fight. 
The two are the same in size 20 trillion to 20 trillion. So, the fight does not end.
The largest number of intermediate bacteria is 60 trillion won, but they are so clever that they do not rush to fight.
I'm just watching "Winning is on our side."
When the eyes of the white blood cells become clear, harmful bacteria are found, and they are driven out in cooperation with the good bacteria, and the beneficial bacteria become the winner.
At this time, if the intermediate bacteria that were wary in joining the beneficial bacteria, actually join, combined forces are born.
After six months of lung cleaning, all the microorganisms in the body are filled with beneficial bacteria.
Immunity is completed only when white blood cells and microorganisms, which are pure immunity in my body, cooperate.
The completed immunity exerts incredible power.
It means that the existing diseases disappear, and the diseases that came into will disappear. The result is that one can live comfortably without worrying about disease.
So far, the earth has been a happy world and a land of longevity only for the people who had the excellent DNA with which they enjoyed their life for 100 years.
But now it has become a possibility for everyone. This is the gift coming from completed immunity.
"Getting old" also needs to be redefined.
Getting older doesn't mean that one is getting old in age.
Age is just a number.
Biological aging means that garbage accumulates in the body.
There is an order of coming, but there is no order of going. People who have trash accumulated in their body die early.
One can become young again if and when one throws away the trash piled up in one’s bodies.
If you clean your lungs, even the trash accumulated in every corner of your body will be cleaned, and as your skin becomes clear and clean, your intestines will be healthy, making it basic to live briskly until the age of 99.
An era of three-digit figure human lifespan is coming.
When the 100-year-old generation era opens naturally, any person who has learned the method of keeping clean lungs will live for 100 years.
If you control your illness with medicine, you must live as a slave to medicine for the rest of your life.
However, if you clean up your lungs and cure your disease with bright white blood cells, you can live a long and healthy life.
Therefore, I would like to add one thing more to the words to Hippocrates.
 “The God-given best doctor is the immunity, and it is completed with clean lungs!”

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