KOTRA, SCCK jointly hold the 1-Year Anniversary Business+Forum
KOTRA, SCCK jointly hold the 1-Year Anniversary Business+Forum
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Dr. Chaibong Hahm gives a short lecture on the economic rise of Northeast Asia since WW II

Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Korea (SCCK) and Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), supported by 17 foreign chambers in Korea, held the 1-year Anniversary Business Forum at Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul on Dec. 8.

The business forum, titled the "Secrets of Korean Economic Miracle and Its Future Prospects," aimed to help foreign enterprises in Korea seek effective management and prevent possible risks by delivering a lecture on the Korean economy and industrial trend easily.

Dr. Chaibong Hahm, one of the Korea's prominent political scientists, gave participants in the forum a short lecture on the usunomic rise of Northeast Asia since WWII and its future prospects with locus on Korea.

Dr. Hahm earned his Ph.D from Johns Hopkins University in 1992 and, since then, served as a Political Science professor at Yonsei University and later at University of Southern California

Before heading the Institute of Korean Studies (IKS) in 2021, he was the president of Asan Institute for Policy Studies for 10 years. He is the author of many books including "Making a Korean.”

As of 2021, the number of foreign-invested companies in Korea came to 15,670.

Ryu Jae-won, head of the KOTRA trade investment data headquarters, said, “KOTRA has arranged this forum to cope with rising demands to grasp the current economic and business situation in Korea by foreign-invested companies in Korea.

“We hope that this forum will be of great help for foreign-invested companies in Korea to check new global business trend and project their future management directions.”

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