LS Cable & System to supply 400 billion won HVDC cables to UK offshore wind power complex
LS Cable & System to supply 400 billion won HVDC cables to UK offshore wind power complex
  • Lee Sam-sun
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Preoccupies the European market with development of new technologies

LS Cable & System announced on Dec. 12 that it will supply 400 billion won worth of HVDC cables to the Vanguard Wind Power Complex in the North Sea, the Britain.

It is the largest supply contract ever won by a domestic wire company in Europe.

LS Cable & System said on Dec. 9 that it has signed a contract worth 200 billion won in Taiwan.

LS Cable & System's large-scale orders from North America, Europe, and Asia this year are close to about 1.2 trillion won.

The Vanguard Wind Power Complex will be built by Vattenfall, a Swedish state-run electric power company, next to the Boreas Wind Power Complex near Norfolk in the British North Sea.

LS Cable & System signed both contracts following the Boreas project in October, bringing in a total of 640 billion won in orders.

LS Cable said, "We have won a series of orders for large-scale projects in Europe, the home of new and renewable energy, and proved our capabilities as a global wire company."

A company official said, "Relations with customers and development of new technologies affected orders," and explained, "In particular, a small number of companies around the world have succeeded in developing VSC HVDC cables used in Europe and North America, and LS Cable is the only one in Korea."

LS Cable & System recently acquired a stake in KT Submarine, a company specializing in undersea construction, and strengthened its construction capabilities as orders expanded.

It is expected to create synergy between the two companies, such as enhancing global order competitiveness by utilizing KT Submarine's undersea construction technology and ship operation capabilities.

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