Absolut Vodka demonstrates the power of Mixing Different People in the new campaign
Absolut Vodka demonstrates the power of Mixing Different People in the new campaign
  • Kevin Lee
  • 승인 2022.12.19 13:57
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ABSOLUT, a premium vodka representing Pernod Ricard Korea, announces the launching of its new brand campaign, ‘WORLD OF ABSOLUT COCKTAILS’.
The World of Absolut Cocktails is designed to inspire people who are open-minded, optimistic, and driven by curiosity of all ages 20+ and backgrounds to come together to mix ideas and, of course, drinks, respectfully and responsibly.

ABSOLUT will also deliver the value of harmony and the philosophy of ABSOLUT VODKA through colorful cocktails made of its key flavor and creates each character with various and distinctive styles

Starting with stylish, sophisticated, and added a dash of charm, “ABSOLUT COSMO”, “ABSOLUT DOUBLE PASSIONFRUIT STAR” with a zest for life that only the streets can teach, appears on a stage and captures the imagination with her powerful dances. “ABSOLUT MOJITO”, who is edge and energetic and believes ‘Life is too short to not have fun’, also is on the floor too.

The other characters such as “ABSOLUT ESPRESSO MARTINI”, “ABSOLUT MULE”, etc. are also made of the model of popular vodka-based cocktails and deliver iconic brand impression of ABSOLUT. The campaign will be on-aired on Youtube and the other social media from 12th of December.

ABSOLUT launched earlier it first campaign, ‘Born to Mix – Being harmonious with ABSOLUT’ in last May. ABSOLUT expects to deliver the campaign message of its brand philosophy - that is diverse thoughts, experiences, people, and cultures are connected and result in the positive changes in life - beyond simply mixing with vodka and drinks. Also, the pop-up store ‘ABSOLUT HOME’, opened in July, attract overall 15,000 people in total, and its online posts and event photos had gone a huge viral.

Also, ABSOLUT pre-releases its new flavor ABSOLUT PASSIONFRUIT with this campaign. The street dancer in the video, “ABSOLUT DOUBLE PASSIONFRUIT STAR” with twin-tale hair and vivid yellow-orange color, representing fruity flavor through passionate street dance. ABSOLUT PASSIONFRUIT is a new flavor released after 2 years of WATERMELON’s launch and contains a full of the fruity scent of natural passionfruit. ABSOLUT Passionfruit has an intense aroma with the fresh characteristic of sun-ripened Passionfruit followed by notes of tropical fruitiness. The combination of notes from tropical fruits come together in a well-balanced sweetness to form a pleasant and smooth taste with a distinct character of Passionfruit.


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