Pernod Ricard Korea recruits participants for the sustainable bar operation training program
Pernod Ricard Korea recruits participants for the sustainable bar operation training program
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Applications will be accepted starting Jan. 9, 2023 via Pernod Ricard Korea website

Pernod Ricard Korea, the Korean unit of the global wine and spirits company Pernod Ricard, announced that it will recruit participants of February class for its sustainable bar operation training program ‘Bar World of Tomorrow’.
Pernod Ricard Korea joins hands with its wholesalers and clients to recruit participants for the Bar World of Tomorrow training program in February, in addition to the homepage of Pernod Ricard Korea. The program is a one-day session that is held for a day and there will also be a networking session after the class for the participants, including theoretical and practical training on sustainability. 

 ‘Bar World of Tomorrow’
 ‘Bar World of Tomorrow’

The Bar World of Tomorrow is a professional training program operated by the Pernod Ricard Group for bar owners and bartenders around the world with a view to helping establish a more sustainable bar culture. In Seoul, the program has been open to bartenders and managers aged 19 or above who work in bars, hotels and restaurants. Since starting in January, around 300 people (including bartenders, bar owners, and university students aged 19 or above) have completed the course as members of the first through eighth classes. 
The ‘Bar World of Tomorrow’ training program is evaluated to have increased practicality and feasibility by inviting bar owners who operate sustainable eco-friendly bars as instructors. The training offered by Seo Jung-hyun, the owner of bar ‘Jangseng Geongangwon’ who shared ways to apply eco-friendly processes to bar operations, and Park Ji-soo, the owner of ‘Zest Bar’ in Cheongdam, which is well-known for its zero-waste pursuits, join the training to share insights on the sustainable practices that can be introduced to bar operations. It also has become an opportunity to strengthen networking in the bartender community by providing time to discuss the insights of participants on the sustainable business operation and sustainable hosting.
Meanwhile, Pernod Ricard Group has set its 2030 Sustainability & Responsibility roadmap, ‘Good Times from a Good Place’ which is being implemented in all its subsidiaries around the world as part of its efforts to fulfill its commitment to environmental protection and sustainable management in all its business areas. The Bar World of Tomorrow training is part of the efforts to live up to this commitment and over 12,000 bartenders from 10 affiliates of Asia region has participated in this program. 

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