Hansae connects Korea and the world with fashion
Hansae connects Korea and the world with fashion
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CEO Kim Ik-hwan pursues creative and innovative corporate culture

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Hanse's foundation, CEO Kim Ik-hwan said that the economic environment was frozen due to high prices, but Hansae joined the "2 trillion won club in sales."

Since its foundation in 1982, Hansae has continued to grow steadily on the one-way path of clothing production.

CEO Kim emphasized 'digital transformation'. By establishing HAMS, Hansae's own smart factory system, it has established production activities of all factories around the world as data and is monitoring them in real time.

CEO Kim Ik-hwan of Hanse
CEO Kim Ik-hwan of Hanse

CEO Kim said, "Hansae is making the fastest digital transformation among clothing companies. We created the world's first three-dimensional (3D) virtual design team. It is the most advanced in 3D technology."

Using 3D design technology created by Hansae in 2017, it is possible to communicate with customers around the world without actually producing sample clothing.

In addition to not generating unnecessary fabric waste, packaging materials and transportation costs can be saved.

The virtual sample of Hansae matches the original from texture, pattern to color.

Since 2019, 10% of net profit has been returned to society again when customer companies manufacture clothing from eco-friendly fabrics through the "10% For Good Campaign."

It is a method of donating to environmental activist groups or investing in companies that recycle clothing waste. Hansae's ESG activities are showing concrete results.

As of May last year, Hansae female workers accounted for 71% of all executives and employees.

Among the total managers, the women ratio was 56%, and 58% at its  headquarters in Korea.

As such, Hansae is already famous in the industry as a woman-friendly company.

CEO Kim is working hard enough to select the director for daycare centers in the company himself.

As a result, 74% of Hansae female workers have returned after parental leave in the past five years.

CEO Kim expressed his willingness to take root in a healthy communication culture to create Hansae that grows steadily and healthily.

Sometimes, if one employee comes up with a brilliant idea, it can return to great achievements, but in the end, he believes that the organizational culture must be made healthy to promote long-term growth.

In 2019, an organization dedicated to creating an organizational culture, developing, fostering, and strengthening human resources was established, and in July, 2022, he held a town hall meeting to directly communicate with 700 executives and employees.

CEO Kim said, "We have changed all processes from the way we work to performance-based bonuses fairly and transparently," adding, "We are fixing things that have returned to apprenticeship."

"If the things that are being changed cheer up, it will help Hanse grow in the future, although not immediately." he stressed.

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