Let’s “Yamcha” at Yu Yuan, Four Seasons Hotel Seoul!
Let’s “Yamcha” at Yu Yuan, Four Seasons Hotel Seoul!
  • Vice Chairman Choe Nam-suk
  • 승인 2023.02.01 10:51
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Weekend getaway with Dim Sum Brunch with champagne

Four Seasons Hotel Seoul's authentic Cantonese Chinese restaurant, "Yu Yuan," presents "Weekend Champagne & Dim Sum Brunch," where you can taste authentic Cantonese dim sum with champagne every weekend from Feb 4 to March 26, 2023, prepared by our dim sum chef Jia Wen Li, who has more than 20 years of experience.

Yu Yuan's "Weekend Champagne & Dim Sum Brunch" features Hong Kong's unique food culture, "Yamcha," primarily means enjoying a variety of food with tea for breakfast and lunch, including dim sum, with friends or family. However, as the popularity of dim sum has grown over tea, Yamcha now means a meal with dim sum.


Our special dim sum chef Jia Wen Li said:

"Dim sum is a symbol of Hong Kong culture and does not simply mean dumplings. A relaxed afternoon is like peace of your mind, dim sum with drinks is a handful of rest. I hope guests can experience real rest and reminisce about their trip to Hong Kong while enjoying traditional Hong Kong dim sum and the creative dim sum in Yu Yuan's own style with champagne.”

The weekend Dim Sum Brunch allows you to enjoy six different styles of dim sum and Yu Yuan's representative Cantonese cuisine. Marinated cold jellyfish in a special sauce made with Chinese black vinegar is served as an appetizer. Two traditional dim sum, "Crystal Shrimp Har Gow" and "Pan-fried Pork and Leek Dumpling” are also served, followed by four creative dim sum dishes: "Sichuan-Style Siu Mai" with spicy flavor; "Ginseng Xiao Long Bao in Shanghai Style" containing healthy meat juice with ginseng; “Fried Chicken and Mushroom Sticky Rice Dumpling” with a chewy and crispy texture; and “Pork Spring Roll.” After these, “Cantonese-style Braised Fish Maw Soup,” cooked with one of the top ingredients used in Cantonese cuisine – fish maw and shitake mushroom, and “Chili Garlic Shrimp Stir-Fry” with sweet and spicy flavors are served. Honey Bread with assorted seasonal fruits, paired with coffee or tea, is then served for dessert. The weekend Dim Sum Brunch is priced at KRW 160,000 per person.

Champagne Pairing, exquisitely paired with dim sum to create a perfect harmony of tastes, is also available. A glass of each "Ruinart Blanc de Blancs" and "Ruinart Rose" adds a touch of elegance and sophistication and "Veuve Clicquot" brings a taste of freshness to the menu. Priced at KRW 100,000.

The Weekend Dim Sum Brunch is available from 11:30 AM to 14:30 PM every weekend, and the course costs KRW 160,000 per person, plus KRW 100,000 for three glasses of champagne pairing.

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