Yangpyeong-gun promotes meetings, education for heads of towns and villages to attain major 2023 tasks
Yangpyeong-gun promotes meetings, education for heads of towns and villages to attain major 2023 tasks
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Governor Jeon Jin-sun of Yangpyeong-gun, says, "Thank you for the hard work of female leaders who served for the development of Yangpyeong"

Yangpyeong-gun, led by Governor Jeon Jin-sun, held a meeting of heads of towns and villages on Feb. 10 to smoothly promote major projects, regional issues, and eup/myeon development plans in 2023 at Yangpyeong-gun Office.

The meeting was presided over by Yangpyeong-gun County Governor Jeon Jin-sun, and vice county governor, bureau chiefs, officials, and eup and myeon heads attended to discuss major business issues of eup and myeon and other key pending issue.

Governor Jeon Jin-sun of Yangpyeong-gun
Governor Jeon Jin-sun of Yangpyeong-gun

In particular, various opinions presented during the Governor Jeon’s New Year visits to eup and myeon held in January were reviewed and measures were sought.

Governor Jeon said, "Please do your best to actively reflect the various opinions of the county residents proposed during the visit to eup and myeon in the New Year. As the head of eup and myeon is the front-line manager of the administration, we will actively make efforts to promote various major projects and issues quickly and smoothly."

Promotion of education on case management in the public sector

Yangpyeong-gun also recently provided customized training to acquire necessary expertise and enhance practical capabilities in integrated case management tasks for the heads of eup and myeon welfare teams and 45 officials in charge.

Park Dae-sik, head of the Yangpyeong-gun Office's welfare policy division, said, "This welfare academy was designed focusing on the basic content and practical skills of case management needed to carry out work. We will continue to make efforts to resolve welfare blind spots and realize preventive welfare."

In the future, Yangpyeong-gun plans to provide a "public case management system course" for those in charge of the 3rd education eup/myeon welfare team and a "public-private integrated capacity strengthening course" for workers in private social welfare institutions.

Yangpyeong-gun Women's Leaders' New Year greetings in 2023

On Feb. 10, the Yangpyeong-gun Women's Association, led by Chairman Min Tae-geun, held a New Year's greeting for female leaders of Yangpyeong-gun in 2023 in Sonohu Yangpyeong.

The New Year's meeting was held for the first time in three years due to COVID-19, with attendance of more than 120 members, including Chairman Min Tae-geun, Governor Jeon Jin-sun, Rep. Kim Sun-kyo, provincial councilors and institutional heads.

At the event, Choo Mi-jung, the wife of Yangpyeong County Governor Jeon Jin-sun, was appointed as the honorary chairwoman of the Yangpyeong County Women's Association, and the event ended with a New Year's address, a celebration rice cake cutting ceremony, and a commemorative photo.

Min Tae-geun, chairman of the council, said in the opening speech, "We will actively engage in community participation activities by demonstrating the capabilities of women's organizations through communication and harmony among members."

Governor Jeon said, "We will express our gratitude for the hard work of female leaders who have served as the foundation for Yangpyeong development, and implement various gender equality policies that the county residents can feel, such as improving women's rights, expanding social participation opportunities, and balancing work and life."

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