Art exhibition slated at Backroom Gallery in Seoul on March 24
Art exhibition slated at Backroom Gallery in Seoul on March 24
  • Kim Soo-young
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Ambassador Milan Lajciak of Slovakia in Seoul to give opening address

An exhibition of the works of Slovak Extravagant Painter Daniel Bidelnica is slated in Seoul under the title of ‘Lights and Shadows: Feast of Lines and Faces with Brilliant Colors.’ The exhibition will be opened on 24 March at 7 p.m. at the Backroom Gallery with a welcoming address by Ambassador Milan Lajciak in Seoul. Bidelnica´s presence during opening ceremony will give the visitors an opportunity to talk to the artist personally about his artistic ideas and colors perception and his future projects.
This is the first artwork exhibition of Mr. Daniel Bidelnica in Asia who is sometimes called the “genius and pioneer of contemporary art”. The exhibitťon is composed of forty five pieces of artwork of Lights and Shadows and will provide a special opportunity to encounter Genuine European Modern Arts through Bidelnica’s unique geometric configuration of lines, faces and combination of primary colors in artistic style.
Daniel Bidelnica is an extraordinary painter from Nitra, the ancient city in Slovakia. He is evaluated as one of the best contemporary modern painters in Slovakia and followers of Andy Warhol. Bidelnica’s artworks have been the recent additions to the unique collection of the Museum of Modern Art of Andy Warhol at Medzilaborce. Realistic image of Bidelnica´s art pieces represent the emotional inspiration of the themes and styles reflected in Pan-Slav sensibility and formativeness.
Daniel Bidelnica was awarded in 2009 the Grand Prize at the Design Contest of SOUL, organized by KIA Motors.

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