China values people's suggestions, places people above everything
China values people's suggestions, places people above everything
  • By People's Daily
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Hear the voices in China's "two sessions"

By People's Daily

China's top political advisory body kicked off its annual session on March 4, marking the start of the "two sessions" in a crucial year as China gathers steam for building a great modern socialist country.

The "two sessions" refer to the annual meetings of the National People's Congress (NPC), the country's top legislature, and the CPPCC National Committee. 

The "two sessions" are of great importance in the country's political calendar, during which the central government will deliver a work report that usually reviews past achievements and sets development targets for the year and beyond. Thousands of national legislators and political advisors will review and discuss the report, as well as reports of the national legislature, the top court and the top procuratorate.

This year's political gatherings carry extra weight. The election of new leading officials of state institutions and the new leadership of the CPPCC National Committee is an important task of the "two sessions" this year. Also, the planned reform of the State Council institutions will be deliberated.

In addition, lawmakers will deliberate a draft amendment to the Legislation Law. The CPPCC National Committee session, meanwhile, will review and approve an amendment to the CPPCC charter.

Let’s follow People’s Daily’s Commentator to learn more about the "two sessions".




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