"CNC GLOBAL has done all they can provide the best service for the lowest cost possible."
"CNC GLOBAL has done all they can provide the best service for the lowest cost possible."
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As South Korea being a country surrounded by waters from 3 sides, naturally, exports and imports came to play a vital role in her economic growth; naturally, Mr. Nam took interest in international trades and began early in his pursuit of becoming a freight forwarder.
After learning the basics of international trade at the university, Mr. Nam Jimmy began his career as a freight forwarder under the sales department in the fall of 2004.
Most companies alike, they prefer large name value brands—and Mr. Nam’s first company was no different. Locking in contracts and deals with larger companies, he soon began to get his recognition throughout his company as well as in the general field of international trade here in South Korea.
Soon thereafter, he left his company to establish a freight forwarding company of his own, which would be known as CNC GLOBAL.

While he still holds contract with larger companies, such as LG, Nongshim, etc., his vision and ethics were a bit different from that of his former company.
He holds cargo from all customers as of same value—whether that be from a big name value brands, or have it be a personal cargo from an individual.
As a matter of course, Mr. Nam assisted numerous foreigners through different embassies. The Embassy of Sri Lanka and the Embassy of Ghana have steadily asked for CNC GLOBAL’s assistance in taking care of foreigners that have had to move in and out of the country.
From packing, shoring, clearing customs, and shipping, CNC GLOBAL has done all they can to provide the best service for the lowest cost possible.
He’s kept in close touch with Embassies and have supported in many different ways possible—from sponsoring charity organizations to monthly donations—he’s shown continuous and extensive interest.
To this day he holds profound relationship with all foreigners alike, and still wishes to help in all that he can.

Question: How long have you worked in the industry?
20 years now.
Q: What’s your take on freight forwarding and its future?
As you know, trades are a vital part of South Korea’s economy; especially during the COVID-19, our industry flourished. Though I don’t think we’ll be able to ever experience such growth again, I certainly do believe we’ll last longer than we expect ourselves to be.
Q: What’s your biggest takeaway from being a freight forwarder?
People. Definitely people. I meet a wide variety of people from all over the world and it’s one of the most fascinating things about my job. In the small time-frame that I’ve lived, technology has grown at an astronomical pace recently. Lots of jobs have been replaced, or at least it’s looking like they’re going to be replaced by AI sooner or later—for the sake of convenience and it’s low-cost. But people last, don’t they? Just because they’ve been replaced, doesn’t mean they’re gone. And I truly do believe that I’ve earned the trust of many “people”, not “customers”. Though we may have started out as a seller and buyers, I’ve put that much time and effort to bring our relationship into something more special than that of seller and buyer. I’ve earned them as a person.
Q: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
Well, hopefully retired without worries. But all jokes aside, I wish to work for the industry, for my own company, for my employees, and for my “customers” for as long as I can. So I don’t know and I cannot say where, or how, I’m going to be in 20 years but I do sure wish that I am doing what I am doing right now.
Q: Anything you want to say in conclusion?
Freight forwarding at the end of the day is customer service at large. Whether conglomerates, or affiliates of said corporation comes to me for a request, it’s my job to aid them to my utmost ability EQUALLY. And that goes the same for individuals who aren’t necessarily in a corporation. Customer service shouldn’t be limited to a certain groups but to all—which is why I am here to help whoever, whatever, and whenever.

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