Haha Group Chairman Oh is leading the age of excretory medicine
Haha Group Chairman Oh is leading the age of excretory medicine
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To extend the age of human life expectancy

The role of the large intestine in our body is to remove waste and supply clean water to the body through blood. All internal organs are important but the large intestine plays the core part in terms of our health. Oh has pushed forward his research on biotechnology for about 18 years since 1998 with a goal to extend our lifespan to 200 years. And the result of the research is Haha Happy ★ Colon, recently released by Haha Group.

Chairman Oh Young-guk of Haha Group
Chairman Oh Young-guk of Haha Group

Oh has applied for patents in 111 categories in Korea and also in 111 categories in 148 member countries of the PCT for the product. It is a remarkably high number of applications for patents as a single item considering the fact that one item in 90 patent categories can be listed in the Guinness World Record.
Oh emphasizes "The age of nutritional medicine has gone and the age of excretory medicine has come." Oh tries to achieve a dream of living 200 years by activating the large intestine over the conception to use nutrition to realize a healthy 100 years of life.
"Globally renowned biotechnology research teams revealed that most of adult diseases start from the large intestine: the long time accumulated waste (fecal impaction) in the large intestine spreads poisonous gas to the whole body and it causes destruction of nutrition, aging and various adult diseases" said Oh and added "It's been nearly 20 years since I started the research on biotechnology. As a result, I developed products that can clean the large intestine and obtained patents for original technolo-gies. I will keep doing my best for Haha Group to make contribution to keeping the health of many people."
All nutrients we intake last only 8 hours

At the "2014 Koreas Promising Small and Medium Business Awards," Oh Young-guk, chairman of Haha Group, is taking a commemorative photo after receiving the grand prize in the medical patent globalization category.

All nutrients we intake remain as nutrients in our body for only 8 hours and change to harmful substances thereafter. Also, the harmful substances become doubled every 30 minutes. Dr.
Alexis Carrel of the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research succeeded separating heart tissue of the liver of a chicken for culturing; chicken is one of the animals that have a short lifespan. Dr. Carrel studied on how far human can extend life expectancy if we can release the intake nutrients before they affect the body badly. Normally, chickens live 3 to 4 years and native chickens 4 to 5 years. Dr. Carrel made the intake nutrients of the chickens to be released every 8 hours and the result was sur-prising: the heart tissue of the chickens lived for 29 years but the secretary forgot to release the nutrients and left home one day and the tissue died. The cause of death was 'autointoxica-tion' made from its own body.
This proves that all nutrients we intake provide nutrients and water to our body for 8 hours and are turned into harmful substances afterwards. Dr. Carrel said in his Nobel Prize winning speech “We can live forever if we can release the food we intake in 8 hours.” In other words, our skin and cellular tissue are designed to repeat the cycle of birth and death to live forever.
Another research of the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research revealed that the blood of those who died by aging had full of waste while the blood of those who died by accident was clean. It means that aging or diseases are not the causes of death but when blood goes bad. Oh thought that his dream of extending lifespan could be achieved by removing harmful substances such as bad acidic gas and the fecal impaction.

Haha Happy★Colon 

The cycle of 8 hour-release can make us live 200 years
Busy modern people have had a habit to hold excrement in the body without releasing them on time. This leads to constipation and the feces are accumulated in the body. The result of the tests so far tells us how important the releasing is, ideally in 8 hours, in order to avoid autointoxication.
The age of how well we eat has gone but the age of how well we release has come. Many people today suffer from adult diseases, diabetes and blood poisoning. Therefore, releasing feces in our body in time is very important to live healthier and longer, according to Oh.
Haha Happy ★ Colon uses a filter that contains helpful ions such as toreumallin and germanium to provide good water, to remove feces and to help peristalsis. Oh is confident to say that expanding 20 more years of our lifespan has already started from Нарpу ★ Colon.

Oh runs business with a will to sponsor 7 billion people on earth
Releasing <The Age of Homo-Two Hundred, Oh Young Guk's Life Formula>

Haha Happy ★ Colon does not irritate anus but clean it perfectly and they also remove the cover of the excretion. You can experience their effect by using 2 to 3 minutes, twice a day through the smooth but strong water. The 'intestine cleansing pole' and 'anal cleansing pole' are designed ergonomically so that they can safely clean the inside of the body without leaving any scar or irritation. They are also made of antibacterial resin and silicon so that you do not need to boil or sterilize. In addition, they can recover sore rectum or sore large intestine within 1 to 2 months of use.
However, it is not the purpose of Oh to have developed these innovative products in order to be rich; he runs his business like he is sponsoring 7 billion people on earth and that is why the products are rationally priced so that majority of people can have one. In fact, it should be valued more than 300 million won but Oh offers it at 990,000 won with his will to sponsor 7 billion people on earth. This is why he named his company Haha Group by using the laughing sound 'haha' to deliver his message 'Healthy Aging Happy Again.
Meanwhile, Oh released two books: <Oh Young Guk's Life Formula> and <The Age of Homo-Two Hundred, Oh Young Guk's Life Formula>. In the books, Oh gives how he started his project for extending life expectancy and also his advice on keeping one's health.
In addition, Oh provides his insight into the elements that can be used for readers to make a success as well as his opinions on investment and politics. As an entrepreneur, he has received attention from the world and his insight into real estate and stock brought him recognition as one of the leaders of economic revival after the Korea's currency crisis in 1997.

 Oh Young-kook (right), chairman of Haha Group, wins the Human Health Promotion Contribution Award at the 'People Who Shined Korea Awards' ceremony on Feb. 25, 2015.

Challenging the 19th presidential election
Oh leads General MacArthur (foundation) as vice chairman

Oh ran for the 19th presidential election as the number 7 candidate May last year under the slogan economic president. He brought up a number of pledges that can revive Korean economy with the greater goal to make Korea as the No. 1 economic powerhouse in the world. He promised to recover credit of delinquent borrowers and reduced the punishment of offenders to fines instead of imprisonment.
"Many politicians came from legal circles. I think that the age of ruling a nation by legal professions and politicians has gone. Like Trump won the presidential election, businessmen are receiving more positive attention to rule a nation nowadays."
Oh attracted attention at a TV debate by wearing white suite which he meat it as a symbol of Korean people, the white-clad folk. But he found the election campaign more irrational than he thought. "You have to donate 300 million won ($265,000) to run a presidential election not to mention the petty costs like posters, campaigns and labor cost totaling about 2.7 billion won. But only about 10 minutes were allocated to the minor candidates each at the TV debate and it was really regretful" However, he gathered his strength again and showed his firm will to keep working hard on his business.
Meanwhile, Oh is serving as the vice chairman of the General MacArthur (foundation), a global peace organization. MacArthur brought peace to the Korean Peninsula thanks to his military tactics such as the Incheon Landing and the Second Battle of Seoul. Passing down his spirit, Oh also is working hard to bring health and happiness to more Koreans.

More than 500 guests attended the ceremony marking the Haha group's second anniversary of "Large Intestine Day" at the War Memorial building in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on Oct. 14, 2017.
More than 500 guests attended the ceremony marking the Haha group's second anniversary of "Large Intestine Day" at the War Memorial building in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on Oct. 14, 2017.


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