Chronology of major events in Park Geun-hye's life
Chronology of major events in Park Geun-hye's life
  • Sung Min Kim
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The following is the chronology of the major events in the life of Park Geun-hye, the former South Korean president who was ousted over a scandal that involved her longtime friend Choi Soon-sil and other close associates.

Feb. 2, 1952: Born in Daegu, South Korea

Dec. 17, 1963: Father Park Chung-hee sworn in as South Korea's fifth president

1974: Graduates from Sogang University with undergraduate degree in electrical engineering

1974~1979: Assumes role of the country's First Lady after mother Yook Young-soo assassinated

1979: President Park Chung-hee assassinated

1979: Receives 600 million won, remainder of late Park Chung-hee's "ruling fund," from Chun Doo-hwan

1982~1991: Heads boards at Yookyoung Foundation, Yeungnam University

1995: Becomes chairwoman of board at Jeongsu Scholarship Foundation

1997: Joins conservative Grand National Party

1998: Wins seat in 15th National Assembly

1998: Becomes vice president of Grand National Party

2002: Visits N. Korea, meets Kim Jong-il

2004: Becomes president of the Grand National Party

2006: Injured from attack by knife-wielding assailant

2007: Loses presidential primary to Lee Myung-bak

2011: Becomes chairwoman of party's emergency committee

Dec. 19, 2012: Wins presidential election

Feb. 25, 2013: Sworn in as country's 18th president

March 28, 2014: Announces N. Korea policy vision through "Dresden speech" in Germany

April 16, 2014: Sewol ferry tragedy occurs, killing more than 300 people

Feb. 10, 2016: Gov't announces shut down of inter-Korean Kaesong industrial complex

Oct. 24, 2016: Proposes revising Constitution through speech in parliament

Oct. 25, 2016: Makes public apology on "Choi Soon-sil scandal"

Nov. 4, 2016: Makes second public apology on "Choi Soon-sil scandal"

Nov. 29, 2016: Suggests April resignation, June presidential election

Dec. 9, 2016: Impeached by National Assembly

March 10, 2017: Constitutional Court upholds impeachment, removes Park from office

March 12, 2017: Park leaves Cheong Wa Dae.


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