Samyang Foods relaunches Buldak fried noodles in response to consumers’ demand
Samyang Foods relaunches Buldak fried noodles in response to consumers’ demand
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Enjoy the flavor of spicy Buldak with thick broth

Samyang Food announced on May 26 that it is relaunching Buldak fried noodles due to continuous requests from consumers.

First launched in 2016, Buldak fried noodles became popular with its thick soup that adds the flavor of garlic to the taste of Buldak. Demand from domestic consumers has continued to grow, with many nostalgic for the taste of the product purchasing Buldak fried noodles directly from overseas.

Image of Buldak fried noodles
Image of Buldak fried noodles

Buldak fried noodles is the product with the most inquiries on Samyang Foods’ official website regarding its relaunch, with more than 1,000 inquiries received, so Samyang Foods decided to re-release it.

The re-released Buldak fried noodles is the same as the original product, consisting of a liquid soup that contains the spicy flavor of Buldak, a powder soup that makes the soup rich and deep, and chewy and thick noodles that go well with the thick soup, so you can enjoy the same flavor as the original product.

Buldak fried noodles will be available in both bagged and containerized versions, and will be available at hypermarkets, convenience stores, and online stores nationwide from June.

A representative from Samyang Foods said, "As consumers' interest in buldak fried noodles is high, it is expected to be a hit." "We will continue to actively communicate with consumers and strive to have a product lineup that reflects their needs."

Samyang Foods also plans to introduce products for exports, such as Yakisoba Buldak fried noodles and Habanero lime Buldak fried noodles, which have received many requests for domestic sales.

Meanwhile, Samyang Foods will start selling Buldak fried noodles in Japan on June 1.

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