Use all five media outlets of The Korea Post
Use all five media outlets of The Korea Post
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Visitors to the Korean-language Internet edition ( of The Korea Post are rapidly increasing as the news and other stories there are updated real time—as frequently as any leading Korean-language dailies such as Dong-A, Chosun and Joong-Ang.
Embassies and other segments of the international community in Korea and all the interested parties in Korea and around the world are welcome to use this Korean-language site--as well as its Korean-language print newspaper

Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post

( for their news releases. Please send your press releases (in Korean) to
The Korea Post still has more glad tidings. It now as a video window named The Korea Post TV on its two Internets, the English site and also on the Korean-language site. We already have scores of countries represented in the The Korea Post TV. Please enjoy them at:

Use the regular-sized Korean-language newspaper of The Korea Post

Twice a month, The Korea Post publishes a 20-page, regular-sized Korean-language newspaper for the introduction of major activities at the Embassies (such as National Day activities) and various segments of the Korean society, including the government, political parties, business community and cultural circles.
The Korean-language newspaper is distributed to the government, business and various other segments of Korean society interesting to the foreign embassies and international business community—and vice versa.
Send your news feedback to for publication in all five media units of The Korea Post media. Make sure they come in both English and Korean-language versions.
For inquiries, please call 010-5201-1740 (English) or 010-3388-1682 (Korean).

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