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Pianists tell apart Ecuadorian party


Pianists tell apart Ecuadorian party

Ambassador and Mrs. Nicolas Trujillo of the Republic of Ecuador hosted a reception at Lotte Hotel in Seoul on Aug. 9, 2013 to celebrate the Independence Day of their country.

There were many distinguished guests from Korean society and the foreign community as well as from the Seoul Diplomatic Corps (SDC).

Ambassador Nicolas Trujillo of Ecuador speaking to the guests.
Among the Korean guests were many members of the National Assembly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and other segments of society, including Director General Chang Myung-soo of the Central and South American Affairs Bureau of the MOFA.

From the SDC came many mission chiefs and other senior diplomats, who included Ambassadors Mohammad Yunos Farman of Afghanistan, Dato Haji Harun Ismail of Brunei Darussalam, Ngovi Kitau of Kenya, Jose Luis Bernal of Mexico, Shaukat Ali Mukadam of Pakistan, Dusan Bella of Slovak Republic and Tajeldeen Elhadi Eltahir of Sudan.

Ambassador Trujillo (ninth from left) cutting the celebration cake with other ambassadors.

There was one distinction at the Ecuadorian National Day reception from the National Day celebration events of the other countries in Korea. It was the live presentation of music by noted Ecuadorian pianists, Ms. Noreia Mueckay and Yaroslav Panko Mueckay.

Ms. Mueckay-Carlier, according to the introductory information from the Embassy of Ecuador, was the first Ecuadorian female pianist in all history to perform solo at Carnegie Hall in New York City. She ‘mesmerized’ the international audience in the most prestigious venues in Europe, South America and United States. Graduated with the highest merits from the renowned Gnessin in Moscow, she also studied in Italy, Germany and Finland.

Noted Ecuadorian pianists, Ms. Noreia Mueckay (left) and Yaroslav Panko Mueckay provide the guests with live presentation of music winning enthusiastic applause from the audience.

The other artist, 13-year-old Yaroslav Panko Mueckay, was an International Laureate Pianist, born in Ecuador. He was the first Ecuadorian male pianist in all history to perform solo at Carnegie Hall in New York City. He made his Orchestra debut at the age of seven with Conductor Nathan Hetherington, after winning First Prize at the Piano Concerti Competition, organized by the NY Kaufmann Center in 2007.

In reference to the artists, Ambassador Trujillo said in his welcome speech, “I cannot conclude without mentioning that, as we have certainly evidenced in Korea, art crosses borders and unites the people, which is why Ecuador tonight will present two unique Ecuadorian artists, who will offer our guests tonight a glimpse into our country through music.”

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