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Families of the ambassadors invited to participate in World Food Festival in SeoulOn Tuesday May 30, 2017

The World Culinary Culture Exchange Association is-hosting a ‘World Cooking Festival’ at the Gwanghwamun Gate Plaza in Seoul on Tuesday May 30, 2017, where the spouses of the ambassadors and their family members are invited to participate.

A total of 85 different countries are invited to participate, including America, Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

The schedule includes an opening ceremony, cooking contest, sampling of demonstrated foods and beverage and presentation of citations to the winners for the outstanding culinary skills.

The Festival is aimed at promoting export of food materials, development of culinary recipes, expansion of the Korean food contents and co-development of food-related industries.

Korean ginseng will be widely introduced on this occasion as a health-promoting food material together with development new recipes for ginseng and image promotion of the health elixir.

It is also aimed at seeking culinary harmony between ginseng and the health-promoting food materials of the other countries of the world, which is expected to contribute to the promotion of export of Korean ginseng to the outside world.

The Festival is expected to promote the introduction of Hallyu (Korean Wave) and contribute to the promotion of communication between Korea and the different countries of the world through exchange of culinary culture and other aspects of cultural and social traditions.

The Festival is also aimed at expanding opportunities for training culinary human assets and as well as assessment and certification of the culinary skills of the participants.

The Festival is also expected to contribute to the promotion of international culinary tourism by virtue of exhibition of the wonderful variety of food and beverage of the different countries of the world—all in one place.

(For further details, call Chairperson Ryu Hyun-mi at 010-2278-7324.)

Yoo Heui-Jin  edt@koreapost.com

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