Let's go mango Buffet Teams up with Teseum at Cafe 395
Let's go mango Buffet Teams up with Teseum at Cafe 395
  • Yoo Heui-Jin
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Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Delicatessen Cilantro Deli, is hosting a mango buffet every Saturday and Sunday starting March 4th. There are two seating: the first seating is from 2:30 to 4:30pm and the second seating is from 5 to 7pm (2 seatings) in partnership with Teseum, the Teddy Bear Museum theme park located in Seoul.

Entitled “Let’s Go Mango”, the tropical fruit-themed buffet will offer a sweet buffet of mango desserts including: mango tart, mango jalousie, mango cheesecake, mango mint salad, mango almond mini pies, mango tiramisu mousse, mango/kiwi fruit cakes, mango bread pudding, mango cream roll, and mango lemon pie. There will also be a live action station where guests can feast on freshly-sliced mangoes and mango ice cream. Each guest will receive unlimited tea or coffee to enjoy the mango treats with.

Teseum has enhanced the mango buffet display with adorable teddy bears, and has provided a special photo zone so you can take photos commemorating the occasion and easily share them on SNS. Millennium Seoul Hilton is also running a special event inviting people to review their mango buffet experience and post on Instagram in order to win great prizes including free hotel stays, entrance tickets to the Teddy Bear Museum Theme Park, and more. The photo zone and event will be available until May 28th.

Let’s Go Mango Buffet is priced at only KW45,000 per person and includes the buffet and tea/coffee. Additional drinks may be ordered from the a la carte menu, including: mango smoothies, mango milkshakes, and mango tea. Juicy and full of flavour, mangoes are rich in vitamins A, B6, C, E, D and K.

For enquiries, please call Cilantro Deli at (02) 317-3064. Prices quoted above are already inclusive of tax and service charge.

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