KCL’s Safety Convergence Technology Center provides Global Standard Test and Certification services
KCL’s Safety Convergence Technology Center provides Global Standard Test and Certification services
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In physical security and safety areas

Established in November 2016 in Daegu by Korea Conformity Laboratories (KCL), Safety Convergence Technology Center provides global standard test and certification services in areas of physical security and safety by installing test equipments for evaluating performance of products in these areas, including anticrime products, closed circuit TVs, safety sensors and biometric systems. Capitalizing on these equipments, researchers at the Center are conducting systematic standardization research on methods of testing and evaluating performance of closed circuit TVs, and procedures of defending burglary.

Director Kim Yeong-geun of the Korea Conformity Laboratories Yeongnam Future Industry Headquarters

Major test and evaluation facilities installed at the Center include anticrime products and doors/windows evaluation equipments, image security verification test facilities, equipments of evaluating performance of hardware image security products, such as closed circuit TVs, and verifying intelligent software, facilities of evaluating biological security systems (security systems based on biological information, such as fingerprint, iris and vein), facilities of testing and evaluating EMC performance (compatibility of electromagnetic wave of electric and electronic products and automotive electronic components, facilities for certifying compatibility of wireless products (mobile and wearable devices), and facilities for evaluating reliability of electric and electronic products.

Equipped with these advanced equipments and facilities, the Center is actively conducting public research projects jointly with small and medium-sized companies. Particularly, it is concentrating research efforts on standardizing intelligent image sensing technology, Internet of Things (IoT)-based home security technology and advanced disaster management technology. In conjunction with local autonomous governments, it is developing education and training system for using cyber space in preparation for disastrous situation to realize smart safety city in recent months, and is expediting development of advanced technologies needed for materializing safe and secure societies by building local information networks to enhance efficiency in rescuing and evacuating activities.

An overall view of the Korea Conformity Laboratories

In order to realize safe and secure society, it is also actively carrying out research projects for developing policies. In an effort to expand supply of excellent safety products and secure safe spaces, it is conducting research on policies for introducing systematic certification system, while building a cluster of disaster and safety management industry.

Currently, the Center is pushing forward seven major research projects. They include the project of establishing foundation for globalization of safe materials and components; developing education and training systems using cyber space in preparation for disastrous situation to realize smart safe cities; fostering development of high performance aluminum doors/windows to lead eco-friendly and safety technologies convergence industry; developing international-level standard for boosting closed circuit TV industry; aligning standards and developing IEC TC79 alarm and electronic security systems; developing ways of operating certification system for disaster and safety products; and developing the way of improving operation and post-management, and developing digital auto-lock and stop bar for doors/windows based on smart sensor for residential safety.

“Based on top-level test and evaluation facilities and researchers, the Center will provide people with technologies that minimize damages when disaster or safety accident occurs by incessantly developing such technologies,” said Kim Yeong-geun, Executive Director at KCL.

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