Seoul Dairy Cooperative to build world’s largest milk processing plant
Seoul Dairy Cooperative to build world’s largest milk processing plant
  • Yoo Heui-Jin
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And launches high-quality ‘Me 100%’ Milk

Seoul Dairy Cooperative, one of the best quality dairy products manufacturer in Korea, broke ground in April 2017 for constructing the world’s largest comprehensive milk processing plant in Yangju, Gyeonggi-do Province in total floor space of over 62,000 square meters. With capacity of producing up to 5 million 200ml-packs or bottles of milk a day, the new plant will constructed by September 2020. It will produce more than 70 different dairy products, such as milk, processed milk, milk powder and cheese.

Sales Marketing Director Roh Min-ho of Seoul Dairy Cooperative

Installing energy-saving and highly efficient equipments and facilities, it will be an eco-friendly plant. And, adopting advanced information technology (IT), it will also be a smart plant that can monitor all processes, ranging from collecting and processing milk to production and shipment, while adopting food traceability system. “The new comprehensive plant is the culmination of our milk processing technologies accumulated for 80 years,” said Song Yong-heun, President of Seoul Dairy Cooperative. “The new plant will further solidify our top position in milk market in Korea and will present a new history of domestic dairy industry and role model of milk processing plant.”

As of February 2017, Seoul Dairy Cooperative ranks first in market share in Korea, accounting for 35.4%, while Namyang Dairy Products and Maeil Dairies represent 15.2% and 14.9%, respectively. The new plant of Seoul Dairy Cooperative to be built in Yangju is expected not only to further strengthen its leading position but also to enhance its status as an excellent eco-friendly logistics company that saves and efficiently uses energy while minimizing emission of pollutants and greenhouse gases. It declared ‘green management’ in 2009 and was certified as a ‘green company’ for all of its facilities in 2011 for the first time in the industry. And it received the certification of ‘Green Management System’ for integrated logistics energy management system and that of excellent green logistics operation company in 2013 and 2014, respectively. As its logistics operation uses 70% of its entire energy, it concentrates efforts and investment on improving energy efficiency.

Ground was broken for the construction of the Seoul Dairy Cooperative, the world’s largest combined dairy production plant.

To save and systematically manage energy, the Cooperative has already established the intelligent delivery management system by integrating transportation management system and commercial vehicle operation system. It is reducing frequency of operating milk collecting and transporting vehicles and consumption of fuels by enlarging capacity of vehicles, while improving energy efficiency and cutting emission of greenhouse gases by efficiently operating vehicles using T-map of SK Telecom.

Building on milk processing technologies accumulated for 80 years, knowhow of improving logistical operation and it unique management philosophy, the Cooperative launched the world’s best quality milk, ‘Me 100%’, last year. It is a healthy and good milk that meets invisible quality standards. The ‘Me 100%’ is the top quality milk processed from top grade raw milk in both bacteria and somatic cell counts. High quality raw milk with fewer somatic cells can be obtained from healthy dairy cattle that are free from diseases and stress raised at pastures dedicated to the Cooperative.

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