State Program of Uzbekistan on Combating Corruption
State Program of Uzbekistan on Combating Corruption
  • Yoo Heui-Jin
  • 승인 2017.04.28 11:48
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Uzbekistan has adopted a state program on combating corruption for the period 2017-2018. It occurred on February 2, 2017, when president of the republic Shavkat Mirziyayev signed the resolution “On the measures aimed at implementing the provisions of the Law of Uzbekistan 'On Combating Corruption'.” This law governs the main directions of the state policy in the field of combating corruption, as well as the involvement of civil society institutions, self-government bodies, the media and individual citizens, along with the international cooperation.

By 2018, plans are afoot to prepare seven draft laws under this program. During the current year, there will be drafted the following laws: “On civil service,” “On public procurement,” “On public-private partnership,” “On public control,” “On the extension of legal information,” “On administrative procedures” and “On the protection of witnesses, victims and other participants in criminal proceedings.”

The program also provides for the adoption of measures aimed at improving the country's legislation, and the development of a national program to improve the legal culture of society. In addition, the Uzbek government intends to implement measures to ensure the transparency of the budget formation process and the budget spending.

It also envisages the development of the National Program for improvement of legal culture in the Uzbek society and promotion of legal knowledge.

Worth recalling, Uzbekistan acceded to the UN Convention against Corruption (adopted in New York on October 31, 2003) in 2008, and to the Istanbul Action Plan to combat corruption with the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) in 2010.

In the framework of the fight against corruption, Uzbekistan is going to introduce a norm, according to which the officials and members of their families will be required to submit declarations on their income.

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