Samsung's Galaxy S8 sales hit 22,200 units on Saturday
Samsung's Galaxy S8 sales hit 22,200 units on Saturday
  • Kim Jung-mi
  • 승인 2017.04.30 16:49
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Sales of Samsung Electronics Co.'s new flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone stood at about 22,200 units on Saturday in South Korea, industry data showed Sunday, up compared to weekdays.

The increase marks a gain from 16,000 units activated by the country's carriers on Thursday and some 17,000 units reported for the following day, according to industry data.

Samsung has said preorders for the Galaxy S8 surpassed 1 million units.

The daily figures included both preordered smartphones and phones sold at retail stores and unlocked on site.

As of last Friday, actual sales of the Galaxy S8 stood at about 500,000 units in South Korea, mobile phone industry insider said. Sales figures for the Galaxy S8 come amid a series of media reports that some of the devices have the tendency to restart on their own or complaints about a red-tinted display screen.

Samsung announced last week it will distribute an application to fix the reddish hue found in some phones.

The Galaxy S8 smartphones feature high resolution displays that bend on both sides, and come with various innovative technologies such as iris and face recognition scanners and a smart voice assistance program dubbed Bixby. (Yonhap)

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