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Conrad Seoul offers a sophisticated selection of 37 BingsooTo excite the senses while cooling you down

“Add some visual fun with dry ice plating to enjoy the mystical Bingsoo cloud aura and enjoy the best flavors of 37 Bingsoo until the very last drop at 37 Grill and Bar,” says Ms. Any Hyun at Conrad Seoul.
According to Ms. Hyun, the public relations manager at the hotel, Conrad Seoul is offering two choices of the sensational summer dessert 37 Bingsoo. "Choose from Mango or Grapefruit flavors to retreat from the heat, in time for the summer season from May 1, 2017," suggests Ms. Hyun.

Conrad Seoul’s ‘Sensational summer dessert 37 Bingsoo’

37 Grill and Bar, according to Ms. Hyun, boasts clear views from the top floor of Conrad Seoul and is offering the 37 Bingsoo “to excite and refresh your senses.”
Here are further details from her:
37 Bingsoo has two delicious fruity variations - Mango and Grapefruit – to indulge in this gourmet dessert. Experience a three layer creation made from a base of milk-brewed premium Earl Grey tea brand Althaus, soft creamy tasting ice flakes, and fresh, organic mango or grapefruit pieces placed on top for a visual delight.
This year’s 37 Bingsoo sees a special plating addition with dry ice adding a mystical aura to dessert orders. Watch as the 37 Bingsoo brings a visual spectacle with special dry-ice plating creating a cloud-like mirage on serving. Opening the dome lid of the Bingsoo releases the coolest vapor for a sense of refreshment. In addition, the dry ice keeps the Bingsoo chilled at an optimum temperature until the very last flavor-filled bite.
The Mango Bingsoo and Grapefruit Bingsoo are available at the 37 Grill and Bar, located on the top floor of Conrad Seoul from May 1, 2017 to September 10, 2017. The price of the Mango Bingsoo is KRW 42,000 and the Grapefruit Bingsoo is KRW 38,000 (including tax). Reservation & Inquiries 37 Grill & Bar: 02-6137-7110
Editor’s note: Bingsoo (Bing Su according to the official Korean government transliteration system) is based on the Chinese characters Bing (氷) and Su (水) and therefore it is, literally, “ice water” but actually Bingsu is “ice flakes.”

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