S-Oil sponsors Orchestra of Youths with Developmental Disabilities
S-Oil sponsors Orchestra of Youths with Developmental Disabilities
  • Park Byung-uk
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Donates 100 million won to Heart to Heart Orchestra

S-Oil, a global leading oil refinery and petrochemical company, donated on April 20 KRW100 million (approximately $88,500) to Heart to Heart Orchestra, a symphony orchestra consisted of youths with developmental disabilities, in an effort to encourage their rehabilitation and improve public perception of such persons, marking the Day of People with Disability.

The donation was made at a ceremony held at the headquarters of S-Oil with attendance of over 200 executives and employees of S-Oil, including President Ryu Yeol of S-Oil and Chairman Kim Yeong-ju of Heart-to-Heart International. The ceremony included performance of Heart to Heart Orchestra. To provide teen agers with disabilities with more chances of communicating with the society with confidence and improve social perception of disabled people, the oil refinery and petrochemical company has been supporting Heart to Heart Orchestra since 2009. As the first symphony orchestra consisted of youths with developmental disabilities in Korea organized in March 2006 to help such youths develop their talent and participate in the society, the Heart to Heart Orchestra is also called the ‘Miraculous Orchestra’ as its members practice music for more than 1,000 times before holding a concert.

The fund donated by S-Oil is used for supporting performance activities of the Orchestra and the Heart Happy School program. The Heart Happy School is an education program provided by Heart Miracolo Ensemble made up by 8 former members of the Heart to Heart Orchestra who graduated music colleges. Under the program, they hold recitals and teach music at elementary, middle and schools in neglected regions across the country.

Established in 1976, S-Oil has grown into the world’s fifth largest company in oil refining, and second largest one in petrochemical production and lube base oil production capabilities. Currently, it operates a plant of refining 669,000 barrels of crude oil daily, and facilities of producing petrochemical products and lube base oil in Ulsan. It has positioned as a company that protects consumers and environment by providing best quality eco-friendly oil and petrochemical products based on advanced facilities, such as bunker-C cracking center and world’s largest xylene center that produces para-xylene products. Having led growth of S-Oil over the past 20 years, Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil company became its largest shareholder in 2015. This allowed S-Oil to increase accessibility to global resources of Saudi Aramco, bringing a new opportunity to it. With active support of Saudi Aramco, S-Oil is seeking to enter downstream petrochemical market through the RUC/ODC project to create engine for sustainable growth.

From left: and President Ryu Yul of S-OIL, Public Relations Ambassadress Sharon Park of the Heart-to-Heart Foundation (Miss Korea) and Chairman Kim Young-ju of the Heart-to-Heart Foundation.

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