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The Korean daily media headlines and humor

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Wednesday May 24, 2017

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Here are The Korea Post notices and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

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Top 10 group units see jump in Q1 operating income

South Korea's top 10 conglomerates saw their units' operating income soar more than 80 percent in the first quarter of the year with their debt service capability improving sharply, data showed Wednesday.

According to the data by conglomerate tracker Chaebul.com, the combined operating income of the leading business groups' 89 nonfinancial subsidiaries jumped 80.1 percent on-year to 17.9 trillion won (US$15.9 billion) in the January-March period.

Top automaker Hyundai Motor Group was the only conglomerate that suffered a setback, with the operating profit of its units tumbling 16.8 percent in the three-month period from a year ago.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group posted the highest growth rate of 357.6 percent, followed by No. 1 Samsung Group with 202.8 percent, LG Group with 133.1 percent and SK Group with 120.1 percent.

Among Samsung units, global tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. chalked up the highest growth rate of 87.9 percent for the first quarter.

The data also showed that the top 10 groups' interest payments totaled 899.5 billion won in the first quarter, down 7.4 percent from the same period a year earlier.

Among the 10 industrial giants, only Lotte and Hyundai Motor saw their interest expenses rising with an on-year growth rate of 11 percent and 6 percent, respectively.

The average interest coverage ratio of the leading family-controlled conglomerates improved to 19.9 for the first quarter of this year from 10.3 a year earlier.

The ratio, a firm's operating profit divided by its interest costs, measures the company's ability to pay interest on outstanding debt. A reading higher than 1 means the firm earns more than what it has to pay in interest, while a number below 1 means it can't cover its interest with its operating profit.

Samsung Group posted the biggest improvement, with its interest coverage ratio at 40.8 in the first quarter from 11.6 percent a year ago.


What’s ticking in Korea today? Here is a quick roundup of important news stories from the major Korean news media today:

The Korea Post media (www.koreapost.com) in English, (www.koreapsot.co.kr) in Korean.

KBS (http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/news/)

Impeached Ex-President Park Stands Trial with Choi Soon-sil

As key South Korean broadcasters aired the scene live, Park was in handcuffs as she was led inside the courthouse, wearing a badge with her inmate number on her lapel. A convoy guarded by police motorcycles transported Park from a detention center in Uiwang, south of Seoul to the court in southern Seoul. Park faces a total of 18 charges, mostly involving her longtime confidante Choi Soon-sil and former aides, in a massive influence-peddling scandal. In the courtroom, the two 40-year friends did not make eye contact while cameras were allowed inside briefly before the legal proceedings began. During the hearing that lasted about three hours, Park's defense attorneys denied all charges, arguing that her case is only a groundless conjecture based on imagination.

S. Korean Military Fires at Unidentified Object Flying over inter-Korean Border

The South Korea military fired warning shots at an unidentified object crossing the inter-Korean border from North Korea Tuesday afternoon. South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff said that the military detected the object flying across the Military Demarcation Line(MDL) southward in the Chorwon area in Gangwon Province at around 4 p.m. The JCS added that the military fired about 90 rounds of K-3 machine gun as warning shots along with a warning broadcast. The South’s military is looking into the incident, suspecting that the object could be a North Korean drone.

President Moon Promises to Build Successful Country

President Moon Jae-in said Tuesday that his government will learn from the successes and failures of all previous governments over the past 20 years, vowing that South Korea will not fail again. Moon made the remark during a memorial service marking the eight anniversary of the death of former President Roh Moo-hyun held in Roh’s hometown of Bongha Village in Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province."We shall not fail again. We will reflect on the past 20 years, including not only the Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye administrations but also Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun governments to take the path of success." "Let's overcome the heartache that we couldn't save President Roh Moo-hyun, and build a worthy nation together."



Top 10 group units see jump in Q1 operating income

South Korea's top 10 conglomerates saw their units' operating income soar more than 80 percent in the first quarter of the year with their debt service capability improving sharply, data showed Wednesday. According to the data by conglomerate tracker Chaebul.com, the combined operating income of the leading business groups' 89 nonfinancial subsidiaries jumped 80.1 percent on-year to 17.9 trillion won (US$15.9 billion) in the January-March period. Top automaker Hyundai Motor Group was the only conglomerate that suffered a setback, with the operating profit of its units tumbling 16.8 percent in the three-month period from a year ago. Hyundai Heavy Industries Group posted the highest growth rate of 357.6 percent, followed by No. 1 Samsung Group with 202.8 percent, LG Group with 133.1 percent and SK Group with 120.1 percent.

S. Korea clinch knockout berth with win over Argentina

South Korea became the first team to clinch a knockout berth at the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup with a 2-1 win over Argentina Tuesday. Two FC Barcelona prospects, Lee Seung-woo and Paik Seung-ho, scored a goal apiece for the second straight game at Jeonju World Cup Stadium in Jeonju, some 240 kilometers south of Seoul, as South Korea improved to six points to stand atop Group A before more than 27,000 fans. Argentina got one back early in the second half but couldn't convert their superior ball possession into more goals. Regardless of their result in the group finale against England on Friday, South Korea will advance to the round of 16 as one of the top two seeds. South Korea beat Guinea 3-0 to open the competition Saturday.

Household debt, geopolitical risks pose threats to S. Korean financial system: poll

South Korea's growing household debt and geopolitical risks are two major systemic risks facing the country's financial system, a survey showed Wednesday. Household debt topped the list of key systemic risks cited by market watchers at 85 percent, compared to 70 percent in October, according to the semi-annual survey conducted by the Bank of Korea (BOK). South Korea's household debt reached a record high of 1,359.7 trillion won (US$1,214 billion) at the end of the first quarter, according to data compiled by the BOK. The central bank said the growth needs to be "closely managed in the future."

Philippine police arrest 2 suspects in death of S. Korean

Philippine police have arrested two suspects in relation to the death of a South Korean man in the Filipino resort province of Cebu, South Korean police said Tuesday. A 28-year-old and a 38-year-old were taken into custody for stealing a bag that contained a key and a mobile phone that belonged to the South Korean victim. The suspects -- who were recently released after serving time in prison for separate robberies -- denied any involvement in the death of the South Korean man who was found shot at his house in Lapu-Lapu City on Saturday. A South Korean police officer and three forensic experts have joined the Filipino police's investigation.


The Korea Herald (http://www.koreaherald.com)

Trial begins for ousted President Park Geun-hye

As a judge announced the opening of a trial hearing, former President Park Geun-hye stepped inside a courtroom in a navy suit with her prison number 503 attached to her jacket. Amid a barrage of camera flashes and with some 150 spectators looking on, Park entered the courtroom No. 417, where two of South Korea’s former presidents had also stood trial. The chief judge Kim Se-yun of the three-justice panel addressed her as “the accused Park Geun-hye” and asked her what her occupation is. She feebly responded, “I have no occupation.”

Unidentified aircraft detected near DMZ

South Korea’s military on Tuesday fired warning shots against an unidentified flying vehicle crossing a military demarcation line that separates the two Koreas, Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said. It was unclear whether the object was a North Korean unmanned aerial vehicle, the JCS said. The object flew from the North and briefly breached the military demarcation line near Cheorwon Country, Gangwon Province, at 4 p.m. The South Korean Army responded with 90 rounds of K-3 machine gun after capturing the vehicle with a radar. They also sent warning broadcasts three times toward North Korea, the JCS added.

Samsung in talks with Hyundai over OLED supply for Genesis

Samsung Display may supply its organic light-emitting diode panels for Hyundai Motor’s luxury sedan Genesis, according to sources Tuesday. If the deal is confirmed, it will be Hyundai’s first adoption of OLED panels for its automobiles. “Samsung is in talks with Hyundai to supply its OLED display for Genesis’ instrument cluster and center information display,” a source familiar with the matter told The Korea Herald. The discussion, which began last year, is still ongoing, as Hyundai is unsure of the safety and durability of the technology, which has not yet been proven in the market.


The Korea Times (http://www.koreatimes.co.kr)

Koreans advise how to impeach Trump

Amid calls to impeach controversial U.S. President Donald Trump, Korean netizens are quipping they can help. They cite Korea's recent impeachment and ouster of former president Park Geun-hye following months of civic protests, investigations and parliamentary questioning as a blueprint for how it could be done. The Republican President, on his first overseas trip ― to the Middle East and Europe ― since taking office in January, is facing criticism from many angles. Grassroots groups have objected to derogatory remarks about women made during his presidential campaigning and the ethnically charged policies of banning travelers from some Muslim countries and building a wall on the Mexican border to keep out illegal immigrants.

Former state leaders' 'walk of shame'

The trial of former President Park Geun-hye started early Tuesday, 36 days after she was indicted for bribery, abuse of power and coercion in 18 suspected crimes. Park and her confidant Choi Soon-sil faced the court and both denied all charges against them. Park's lawyer Yoo Yeong-ha suggested that "this case of the former President Park is indicted by speculation and imagination, not with proven evidence."Park is the fourth president accused by the prosecution in Korea, following Chun Doo-hwan, Roh Tae-woo and Roh Moo-hyun.

President vows to uphold Roh Moo-hyun's legacy

President Moon Jae-in took part in a memorial ceremony for his late friend and former President Roh Moo-hyun, Tuesday. This marks an emotional moment for Moon, who announced Roh's death in 2009 as his former chief of staff. Moon has since never failed to participate in the annual ceremony, and this time he came here as the President. Bongha Village in Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province was embroidered with yellow ribbons and balloons for the eighth anniversary of Roh's death. This year, joy and hope were palpable in addition to lamentations and tears, in the small farming town where Roh was born and ended his life. On the way to the village, placards welcomed Moon and guests.


DongAIlbo (http://english.donga.com)

At least 22 dead in suicide bomb attack in U.K.

A suiside bomb terror attack occurred at the Arena concert hall in Manchester in northern England on Monday night (local time) leaving 22 dead including children and 59 injured. The bombing happened just after popular British pop singer Ariana Grande finished her concert at the ticket booth near the entrance gate, an apparent soft target terrorism aimed at people who came to see the concert. It marked the biggest terror attack in the U.K. since July 2005 when the subway terror attack happened leaving 52 people dead. The latest concert had attracted many teenagers and families. British Home Secretary Amber Rudd criticized the attack, saying that it was a savage attack targeting the most vulnerable people in the society.

Ariana Grande says broken after the explosion

After the tragic explosion at her concert, Ariana Grande, a 24-year-old American singer-songwriter, said on Twitter, “Broken,” adding, “from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. I don't have words.” Celebrity website TMZ said, “Sources in contact with the singer tell that Ariana is devastated that young people who came for a good time are now lying dead and injured.” The former actress successfully turned into a singer after selling her single album “The Way” in 2013 went double platinum. “Dangerous Woman,” her third album released last year, won the Music Business Association's Breakthrough Artist of the Year.

Will Ryu Hyun-jin have a chance to take third win and revenge?

It is highly likely that Korean monster Ryu Hyun-jin will take the mound on next Sunday against the Chicago Cubs to take his third win. The Los Angeles Dodgers will play three games in a raw against the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs starting from Wednesday at its home ballpark Dodger Stadium. Dodgers announced already that Clayton Kershaw, Rich Hill, and Kenta Maeda will take the plate as the starting pitcher against Cardinals. Then, the remaining pitchers in starting corps are Alex Wood, Brandon McCarthy, and Ryu Hyun-jin, of course. The chance is high that the three players will be the starters but the order is not determined yet.

Choansan camping ground in Seoul opens on June 1

Choansan camping ground in Nowon-gu, Seoul, opens on June 1. The camping pitch is the 6th site operated by the Seoul city government and is located near to Nokcheon Station (line 1) three minutes walk. The camping ground has 54 sites to set up a tent and is available to accommodate 216 people based on four persons per tent each day. Small playgrounds and outdoor hinoki cypress foot baths are prepared for family campers. Families of infants and toddlers can use cabin houses (log houses) equipped with a double-deck bed and air conditioning and heating.


ChosunIlbo (http://english.chosun.com)

Gov't Gears up for More Engagement with N.Korea

Government officials are mulling the reopening of the cross-border Kaesong Industrial Complex, which was closed down after North Korean conducted a nuclear test back in 2016. Cheong Wa Dae officials are also talking about the possible resumption of package tours to North Korea's scenic Mt. Kumgang resort, which were halted in 2008 when a South Korean tourist was shot and killed by North Korean soldiers. The new government here is even considering resuming inter-Korean ceremonies to mark the historic June 15 Joint Declaration made back in 2000 by President Kim Dae-jung and then North Korean leader Kim Jong-il that started an uneasy thaw.

Ferry Victim's Remains Found Still in Life Jacket

Search workers on Monday discovered the remains of a victim of the April 2014 ferry disaster still wearing a life jacket. The remains were found on the third floor of the salvaged wreck, where passengers other than students from Danwon High School were staying when the ship sank. One search worker said, "We discovered relatively well-preserved remains while digging out the mud." The last well-preserved remains were found nine days ago and are presumed to be those of Danwon High School student Cho Eun-hwa.

Women Still Bear Full Burden of Household Chores

Korean women spend an hour and 36 minutes on household chores every day but their husbands only 18 minutes, even in double-income families. Men also usually sleep more than their wife.

The findings come from a study by Cho Mi-ra at Seoul National University of 3,131 couples in their 20s to 50s. Cho divided couples into nine categories based on the working hours of husbands and wives and analyzed how much time each spent a day on work, household chores, sleep and leisure. In double-income couples where both husband and wife work more than 10 hours at work, the women spent an hour and 18 minutes more a day on household chores than the men.


HanKyoRehShinmoon (http://english.hani.co.kr)

After first week in office, Pres. Moon with approval rating of 81.6%

President Moon Jae-in earned an approval rating of over 80% in the first survey on support for his governance since he took office. Public opinion pollster Real Meter announced on May 22 that a survey of 2,256 voters nationwide (95% confidence level, ±1.9 percentage point margin of error) conducted on May 15-19, commissioned by the Christian Broadcasting System, showed Moon with an approval rating of 81.6% for performance of his duties as president so far. Moon received a negative rating from 10.1% of respondents, while 8.3% said they were “not sure.” Real Meter explained that the approval rating for Moon’s performance was “higher than the 54.8% first week support rating for Park Geun-hye [in office 2013-16] and the 76% rating for Lee Myung-bak [2008-13] after they took office.”

Missile launched by North Korea was difficult-to-detect Pukguksong-2

North Korea has announced that the ballistic missile it launched on May 21 was the Pukguksong-2 and that it means to start deploying the missile. Since the Pukguksong-2 is a solid-fuel missile, it can be quickly prepared for launch. If the missile is actively deployed, it would likely be difficult to detect prior signs of an attack. “Another fruitful test launch of the surface-to-surface medium-range ballistic missile Pukguksong-2 has been carried out,” the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on May 22. While the KCNA did not specify the date of the launch, this appears to have been the missile launched the day before. On that day, South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff concluded that North Korea had launched a ballistic missile with a maximum altitude of 560km and a range of 500km and had speculated that this was a Pukguksong-2.

Moon administration considering reopening private sector inter-Korean exchange

“We mean to carry out a flexible review of private-sector exchange and other key issues dealing with inter-Korean relations in a way that does not damage the international community’s framework of sanctions against North Korea,” said South Korea’s Unification Ministry spokesperson Lee Duk-haeng on May 22. Lee’s remarks are noteworthy considering that they come amid a series of applications for contact with North Korea that organizations providing humanitarian aid to North Korea have submitted around the time of Moon Jae-in’s inauguration as president. The question is whether private-sector exchange can be used to thaw inter-Korean relations, which were frozen during the administrations of former presidents Lee Myung-bak (2008-13) and Park Geun-hye (2013-16).


JoongAngIlbo (http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/)

Korea clinch knockout berth with win over Argentina

Korea became the first team to clinch a knockout berth at the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup with a 2-1 win over Argentina Tuesday. Two FC Barcelona prospects, Lee Seung-woo and Paik Seung-ho, scored a goal apiece for the second straight game at Jeonju World Cup Stadium in Jeonju, some 240 kilometers south of Seoul, as Korea improved to six points to stand atop Group A before more than 27,000 fans. Argentina got one back early in the second half but couldn't convert their superior ball possession into more goals. Regardless of their result in the group finale against England on Friday, Korea will advance to the round of 16 as one of the top two seeds. Korea beat Guinea 3-0 to open the competition Saturday.

Park pleads innocent to all 18 charges

Former President Park Geun-hye denied all charges of abusing power, coercing and receiving bribes and leaking confidential information on the first day of her trial Tuesday, making her first public appearance since she was taken into pre-trial detention 53 days earlier. Handcuffed, Park arrived at the Seoul Central District Court around 9:10 a.m. for her trial’s first hearing. She wore a dark blue suit and a badge identifying her inmate number - 503 - on her lapel. Her signature swept-up hair style was maintained by odd-looking plastic pins sold at the prison.

Annual memorial to Roh receives record 50,000 pilgrims

A record number of 50,000 people came to Bongha Village in Gimhae, South Gyeongsang, to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the death of former President Roh Moo-hyun on Tuesday. The most prominent pilgrim was President Moon Jae-in, who visited Roh’s hometown some 350 kilometers (210 miles) south of Seoul with first lady Kim Jung-sook, making good on a campaign promise to honor the former president by attending the May 23 ceremony as commander in chief. Moon was Roh’s most trusted aide in the Blue House and a partner through their early careers as human rights lawyers.

CJ’s Lee tries to modernize culture at the conglomerate

Retail and entertainment giant CJ Group is improving its corporate culture to help employees achieve better work-life balance and cultivate autonomy and creativity. The group is offering paid two-week leaves for parents when their children enter elementary school and up to six months of overseas training for people promoted to managers. The announcement came six days after Chairman and CEO Lee Jay-hyun officially returned to work after serving time in prison for embezzlement and tax evasion. He was released last August on a special presidential pardon by former President Park Geun-hye for his serious health problems, which include kidney disease, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and high blood pressure.

Household debt hits new records, but slows

Household debt, including credit card purchases, has broken records again, although the speed at which it has been growing has been curbed as a result of government efforts. Its enormous size is still considered to impose a huge risk, however, particularly at a time when the central bank is under pressure to normalize its loose monetary policy. In the first three months, the debt grew by 17 trillion won, or 1.3 percent, to reach 1,359.7 trillion won ($1.21 trillion), the Bank of Korea said on Tuesday. When compared to a year ago, it increased 11 percent, or 136 trillion won.


The KyungHyangShinmoon(http://english.khan.co.kr/)

Surprise Appointment, No Inauguration Ceremony, and No Departure Ceremony Due to “Dinner with Envelopes of Money”

On May 22, new chiefs of the justice ministry and the prosecutors' offices nationwide entered office in a series of official inauguration and departure ceremonies. These events were carried out in a heavy mood, as if to reflect the situation of the Prosecution Service, at the center of turbulent reforms promoted by the Moon Jae-in government. Yun Seok-yeol (57, 23rd Class of the Judicial Research and Training Institute), the newly appointed chief of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, returned as chief four years after his investigation of the National Intelligence Service's online comments in 2013.

A Project Bound to Fail: Then Why Didn't Anyone Stop the MB Government?

The policy audit of the Four Major Rivers Project, which President Moon Jae-in ordered on May 22, is expected to focus on why the government was willing to invest 22 trillion won to push ahead with the project, which was predicted to fail. The start of the Four Rivers Project goes back a decade. In 2007, Lee Myung-bak, a presidential candidate at the time, pledged to construct a grand canal in the Korean Peninsula. Despite this campaign promise, he won the election and during his inauguration ceremony in February the following year, he announced that he would reshape the country's landscape in a more future-oriented way.


The Korea Economic Daily (http://english.hankyung.com/)

Interest Groups Take to the Streets in Droves after Moon Takes Power

Even after the presidential election was over, the public squares in Seoul's Gwanghwamun and Cheonggye are filled with protesters. But they are different crowds from those demanding President Park Geun-hye to step down or asking for truth for their children's death in the ferry sinking incident. Now, the streets are filled with workers from the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the committee to prevent firing of subcontract workers in the shipbuilding industry. On May 22, the members of these labor organizations took to the streets to ask for better safety measures in work sites after a tower crane collapse accident in the Geoje dockyard of Samsung Heavy Industries.

Expectations Grow for Possible Reopening of Kaesong Industrial Complex

The South Korean manufacturers that undertook manufacturing operations at the Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea welcomed the Moon Jae-in administration's announcement that it would review the resumption of private exchanges between the two Koreas.

Expectations are high that the new administration would unlatch the gate that prevented inter-Korean relations on a step by step basis starting from the resumption of humanitarian aid operation.

The South Korean manufacturers previous based inside Kaesong have called for the new administration to lift the May 24, 2010 measure taken by the previous administration and to resume the operations of the Kaesong plants and Mt. Kumgang tourism.

President Moon Orders Release of 6 out of 16 Dammed Pools in 4 Rivers

President Moon Jae-in instructed on May 22 the release of six out of the total 16 dammed pools in Korea's four rivers, starting June 1. Kim Soo-hyun, Presidential Senior Advisor to Social Affairs, said, "We will decide whether to tear down the dams after a series of thorough scientific reviews." Kim added, "We will open six out of the 16 dams that have a higher risk of being afflicted with green algal bloom." The opening of another 10 dams will be decided depending on the outcome of future environmental impact studies. Without ruling out the possibility of tearing down the dams, Kim stressed, "We will make a final decision on how to deal with the 16 dams after a year of thorough observations." Environmental activists welcomed the new administration's decision to release the pools.

Higher Rubber Price Deals a Blow on Tire Industry

The overall performance of the global tire industry worsened in the first quarter of this year due to the rebound in the prices of raw materials such as natural and synthetic rubber that took an upturn in the latter half of last year after showing a downward trend over the past two years. Bridgestone, the No. 1 tire maker in the world, saw its operating profit-to-sales ratio fall to 12.1 percent in the first quarter of this year from 13.1 percent a year ago. Korea's big-three tire suppliers such as Hankook Tire, Kumho Tire, and Nexen Tire were hit harder by the sluggish performance of their main clients Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors in the Chinese market.

Big 3 Ramen Makers Deep-dive into "Curry War"

Samyang Food launched the sales of "Curry-based Extremely Spicy Chicken-flavored Ramen" in the domestic market on May 22. This move followed the earlier releases of curry ramen by its rivals Ottogi (Curry Ramen) and Nongshim (Curried Rice Ramen). After competing fiercely by releasing a string of Chinese-styled ramen last year, the nation's big-three ramen makers are now clashing again to get the initiative in curry ramen. Samyang's new curry-based ramen was produced only for exports in December 2016 and gained popularity in Southeast Asian countries. The ramen was created by adding the taste of curry in the existing spicy chicken-flavored ramen.


AJU Business Daily (http://eng.ajunews.com/korea)

Ex-president Park appears in court for historical trial on corruption scandal

South Korea's jailed former president Park Geun-hye appeared in court with her crony Tuesday and flatly denied all charges in the first hearing on their role in a corruption scandal that sparked months of political turmoil and massive candle-lit protests. It was Park's first public appearance since she was put into custody on March 31 on charges of bribery, abuse of authority, coercion and leaking government secrets. Experts predict a prolonged legal battle as Park denies all charges leveled against her. As a heavily tinted bus carrying Park arrived in the court, more than 100 supporters waving national flags demanded Park's release in the streets and held up placards containing English slogans such as "President Park is innocent" and "President Trump please save S. Korea".

Football star Son Heung-min expresses desire to win next season

A roar of greetings has fallen on Son Heung-min, an English Premier League football star, who returned home Tuesday to participate in a corporate event along with three of Tottenham Hotspur's teammates. The 24-year-old scored 21 goals in 46 matches during the last season, breaking the single-season scoring record by a South Korean player in Europe. The previous record holder was the legendary Cha Bum-kun, who scored 19 goals during the 1985-1986 season when he played for a German team Leverkusen. The Tottenham star was awarded the Premier League's Player of the Month twice, in September and in April for the first time as an Asian player. With Son's remarkable play, Tottenham was placed in second in the league, behind Chelsea.

WannaCry ransomware shows 'strong links' to Lazarus: Symantec

A recent bout of ransomware attacks that infected hundreds of thousands of computers across the world showed "strong links" to Lazarus, a hacking group suspected of being tied to North Korean hackers, according to Symantec, a US-based anti-virus firm. Experts believe North Korean hackers have been tied to Lazarus suspected of launching cyber attacks on Sony Pictures in 2014 and of hijacking some 100 million dollars from banks in Bangladesh and other countries in 2015 and 2016. "Similarities in code and infrastructure indicate close connection to (the) group that was linked to Sony Pictures and Bangladesh Bank attacks," Symantec wrote in in a blog, adding tools and infrastructure used in WannaCry have "strong links" to Lazarus.


Maeil Business News Korea (http://www.pulsenews.co.kr/)

Kia Motors’ premium sports sedan Stinger hits Korean market

Stinger, South Korea’s second largest automaker Kia Motors Corp.’s latest high-performance sedan, has hit the Korean market on Tuesday. The company said on Tuesday that it held an official launch event for the much-hyped high-performance sedan at Grand Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul. It pins high hopes on the new sleek sports sedan to help it improve its brand image and sales.

The fastback sports sedan with a length of 4,830 millimeters (mm), width of 1,870 mm and height of 1,400 mm and wheelbase of 2,905 mm offers ample headroom with its low seating position in the rear and a 406-liter cargo capacity.

Personal mobility devices in high demand in Korea

Demand for personal mobility vehicles - not only electric scooters and motorcycles but also compact electric cars - are growing rapidly in South Korea, where delivery service is part of everyday life.

According to Renault Samsung Motors Co. on Monday, pre-orders of its ultra-small electric vehicle Twizy have reached more than 1,200 units, already exceeding its annual sales target of 1,000 units and accounting for 47 percent of its global sales volume of 2,514 units last year. The compact electric car is scheduled to hit the Korean market next month. Encouraged by the better-than-expected reception, the Korean unit of French carmaker Renault S.A. is in talks with its French parent company to up the electric car’s import to the Korean market to 1,500 units this year.

Korea’s instant noodle sales drop amid rise in easy-to-cook meals

South Koreans are eating less of their all-time favorite quick meal - ramyeon or instant noodles - in the face of evolving and enlarging choice of menus in ready-to-cook meals. Ramyeon sales at the country’s leading hypermarket retailer E-Mart Inc. over the January-May period this year plunged 12.1 percent from the same period last year, according to data compiled by the retailer on Monday.

Given the fact that the instant noodle has long been a part of Koreans’ everyday meals and eating habits don’t change easily, such sharp fall in ramyeon sales is considered somewhat unusual by industry experts.


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