‘It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”
‘It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”
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Chairperson Hanna quotes at charity ball in Seoul from Madam Teresa

An impressive, large charity ball was held at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul on May 18, 2017 organized by the Association of the Spouses of the Ambassadors in Seoul (ASAS). It was to help the needy people in Korea.
Many guests attended the benefit dance meeting, including ambassadors and Korean civic figures with their spouses. The charity ball ticket bore the famous passage of Mother Teresa who said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

Chairperson Nehal Hanna of the ASAS sits with Mrs. Ciompec (spouse of the Romanian ambassador) in front of a lineup of the spouses of the ambassadors and Korean staff members (standing on both sides of the madams wearing a fancy headgear.

Speaking to the guests, Chairperson Nehal Hanna of the ASAS said, “I had a dream, and I was lucky to meet friends who shared the same dream with me. Together we made it come true tonight as we celebrate ASAS’ first 'Charity Ball Dinner' in support of the “Korean Down Syndrome Society” represented tonight by President Chung-ryul Kim and Director In-sook Kim. (See excerpts at the end of this article.)

Plaque of appreciation to the General Manager of Lotte hotel Seoul Mr.Jae-Hong Park

Contributing to the successful operation of the event that day were the leaders and members of the competent committees of ASAS manned (in alphabetical order of the country) by Mrs. Chafica Derragui of Algeria, Konul Teymurova of Azerbaijan (ASAS main committee), Genevieve Théâtre Traorè of Belgium, Rosana Serra of Brazil, Ayako Nagamine of Japan, Zhanna Baigaziyeva of Kazakhstan, Dinara Rakhmanova of Kyrgystan (ASAS main committee), Raheela Khan of Pakistan (ASAS main committee), Marina Quinteiro of Portugal, Flavia Kloos of Romania (ASAS main committee), Aissatou Faye Ndiaye of Senegal, Pinar Okcal of Turkey, and by Mrs. Chisanga Kapumpa of Zambia (ASAS main committee).

Plaque of appreciation to the president of Korea Culture Association, Mr. Jae-Min Jeong

Excerpts from the speech of Chairperson Hanna:

I welcome you all to this wonderful event, a milestone in the history of ASAS. The ASAS Main Committee and its Charity Ball Dinner Committee miraculously made this dream come true against all serious challenges. We started from scratches, since ASAS never had this experience before; neither resources nor sponsors. But we had one mighty resource which neither fades nor fails; we had faith, in our vocation, and in our ability to achieve.

Chairperson Nehal Hanna of the ASAS speaks to the guests at the charity meeting.

Faith moves mountains. Tonight, our faith bears its fruit, thanks to the tireless efforts of: ASAS Main Committee, the Ball Dinner Committee and to the generous support of our embassies, sponsors and of ASAS good friends.

Singer Song So- hee

Now let me pay tribute to those who devoted themselves and their time to make our dream come true; please stand up members of both ASAS Main Committee and the Charity Ball Dinner Committee and let us give them a big applause, which goes also to our spouses the Ambassadors who beard with us patiently and supported us.

President Kim Chung –ryul of Social Welfare Foundation Korea Down Syndrome Society speaks at the charity meeting.

On behalf of ASAS I pay tribute to all our Embassies, sponsors, including enterprises and honorary consuls and our friends from Korea and the international community and in particular the Korean Red Cross, SIWA and Planting Love. I also have to pay tribute to each and every one of you who came tonight not just to enjoy a wonderful event,

Korea National Contemporary Dance Company

but furthermore, to support a noble humanitarian cause.
I wish you enjoy this fabulous evening.

Zoomba Boys Z dancers

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