Seoul Milk marks 80th anniversary; 'Me100%' is a promise of 80-years
Seoul Milk marks 80th anniversary; 'Me100%' is a promise of 80-years
  • Sean Kim
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Construction of world's largest diary plant by 2020 'Yangju Integrated New Plant'

Seoul Dairy Cooperative (President Young-hon Sung) launched major customer appreciation event dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of its establishment.

Customers who buy any dairy products above 8080 KRW can win valuable prizes, including ‘Me 100%’ milk mobile gift certificates, movie tickets, tablets, home appliances and luxury bags.

Seoul Milk representative said ‘It is thanks to the interest and love from our customers that for the past 80 years Seoul Milk managed to keep the leading positions in country’s dairy market. Remembering this we will continue to provide our customers with dairy products of highest quality.’

Since its establishment in July 1937, Seoul Milk has been adhering to highest quality standards of dairy production, including the usage of 1st grade bacteria, remaining market leader of the industry. By September 2020 Seoul Milk is planning to open a new state-of-art dairy plant 'Yangju Integrated New Plant' and start the new page in domestic dairy market history, becoming country’s role model. Seoul Milk is also a leading company that implements green management principles. In 2013 the company established an integrated logistics and energy management system and later in 2014 earned the Green Management System (GMS) certification for the first time in the industry.

Sales Marketing Director Roh Min ho of Seoul Dairy Cooperative

Since 70% of all energy used by the company falls on logistics, Seoul Milk does not spare efforts and investments in optimizing this area. Seoul Milk has been continuously cooperating with Government’s Green Logistics Support Project and all company’s vehicles already got air spoilers installed. This year Government sets attention to fuel operated heaters. Seoul Milk is planning to install these heaters on 100 out of 590 company’s cars. The company is already using a transportation management system (TMS) and commercial vehicle operation (CVO) systems in order to reduce energy usage and optimize delivery services.

Various products of Seoul Milk

"Seoul Milk Cooperatives has been working with the Government on energy reduction technologies in logistics and building a foundation for mutual growth," said Roh Min-ho, managing director of the Seoul Milk Cooperative. 'It is possible to achieve growth, implementing green management principles in logistics, energy saving and efficiency promotion with empathy and participation of all employees and stakeholders. As a cooperative, it is our priority to manage profit sharing among dairy farmers, transportation companies, and consumers, rather than to just maximize our profits," said Roh Min-ho. "Green logistics and eco-friendly management also derives from this management philosophy". This philosophy of Seoul Milk with technology accumulated for over 80 years, know-how and efficient logistics became the cornerstone oflast year’s launching of'Me100%’ milk, world’s highest quality milk. Maintenance of highest hygiene standards, optimal number of bacteria and somatic cells while producing the milk, made 'Me100%’ world’s best quality milk.

Seoul Milk plans to gradually apply 'Me100%' technology to all white milk products. "Seoul Milk was the first company in our industry to mark production date on the packaging, first company to use highest quality 1A bacteria of optimal number and, as a result, we came up with ‘Me100%’ product", said Roh Min-ho. "Logistics is also one of the most important services with our clients and customers. Implementing eco-friendly logistics system and green management principles we will make every effort topreserve natural environment for our customers, dairy farmers, as well as their descendants even in 100 years.’

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