‘Queens’ add liveliness to Georgian wine-tasting party
‘Queens’ add liveliness to Georgian wine-tasting party
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‘Queens’ add liveliness to Georgian

wine-tasting party

Ambassador Nikoloz Apkhazava of the Republic of Georgia hosted a Georgian Wine Tasting at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul on Dec. 18, 2013.

Attending the wine tasting party of Georgia were many ambassadors and Korean civic figures.

Among them where Ambassadors Krzysztof Majka of Poland, Kaman Singh Lama of Nepal, Manuel Lopez Trigo of Costa Rica, Hocine Sahraoui of Algeria, Ngovi Kitau of Kenya, Jorge Roballo of Argentina, Khalil Ismai Abdul Sahib Al-Mosawi of Itaq, Vasyl Marmazov of Ukraine, Duishonkul Chotonov of Kyrgyzstan, Petar Andonov of Bultaria, Carlos Victor Boungou of Gabon, Natallia Jhylevich of Belarus and Ramzi Teymurov of Azerbaijan (CDA). There also were Minister Jairo Lopez of Costa Rica, Consul Manolo Alejandro Jose Montufar Chavez of Guatemala, First Secretary Amit Mathur of the United States and Representative Milos Sklenka of Economic & Commercial Mission of the Czech Republic, Financial Officer Irakli Nachkebia of Georgia.

From the Korean side were Assistant Minister Jeon K-jeong of Oceans and Fisheries in charge of the Shipping and Logistics Bureau, KOTFA Vice President Lee Myung-Hoon and Korean Honorary Consul Jong-Jin Park of Mongolia for Busan.

From the international community came UBAF Seoul General Manager Peter Thorn and Program Director Alberto Giacchini of Sejong University.

Welcoming the guests, Ambassador Apkhazava of Georgia said in part: “Thank you very much for coming to our wine tasting party, which already became kind of a traditional event, which we are going to organize every year. As you may already know, it is more a kind of a gathering for our friends in a very informal manner.

“Again as a tradition, the Queens will try to make the evening more enjoyable with their beautiful music. In the end, I would like, on behalf of my embassy, to wish all of you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

As Ambassador Apkhazava introduced in his welcome remarks, the Queens, a fusion music troupe, presented music and dance performances to add liveliness to the party ambience.

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