Millennium Seoul Hilton beats Kim Young-ran squeeze
Millennium Seoul Hilton beats Kim Young-ran squeeze
  • Kim Su-a
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With enticing menus costing not more than 30,000 Korean Won each

Hoteliers and plush restaurant operators in Korea have been wrecking their brains trying to find a way out of the new situation in Korea where, under the graft control law of Madam Kim Young-ran, no one spend any more than mere 30,000 Korean Won (less than US$29).
Against this backdrop, the Millennium Seoul Hilton (General Manager Eric Swanson) came up with noble idea—posing a clear contrast with other top-notch hotels.

Kim Young-ran Menu for international cuisine at the Millennium Seoul Hilton meeting the 30,000-won ceiling.

Here is a story from his public relations team:
In order to address the anti-corruption laws implemented in Korea prohibiting extravagant spending on dining and gifts, Millennium Seoul Hilton’s banquet services is offering three well-priced banquet options that comply with the anti-corruption laws.
These banquet options enable businesses to host dinners in an elegant environment, with gourmet dining options, at a reasonable price of only KW30,000 per person.
The Western Set Menu option will serve spinach soup with coconut milk, grilled chicken breast with vegetable ratatouille and rocky mashed potatoes, and jasmine tea crème brulee with almond tuille.

Kim Young-ran Menu for Italian cuisine at the Millennium Seoul Hilton.

There also is a Korean menu. The option here comprises pumpkin porridge, assorted vegetable piccata, broiled beef ribs, rice and soup, and 3 selected condiments.
There also is an Italian set menu. The option consists of Caesar salad with bacon bits and croutons, grilled sea bass served with spinach linguini and grilled vegetables in a lemon butter sauce, tiramisu Napoli with berries compote, and freshly brewed coffee or international teas with homemade biscotti.
Each option is priced at only KW30,000 per person, and is already inclusive of tax and service charge. Host your event at Millennium Seoul Hilton, where you can expect the fine service and quality you are accustomed to, without breaking the bank.
For reservations or enquiries, please call Banquet Services at (02) 317-3203. Please note that tax and service charge are already included in the quoted prices.

Kim Young-ran Menu for Korean cuisine at the Millennium Seoul Hilton.

For further details call Mr. Y.D. Kwak at Tel: +82 (2) 317-3362, Fax: +82 (2) 317-3016, or Email:

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