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United Nations classifies as truly historic the negotiations to prohibit nuclear weaponsPresided over by Costa Rica

High ranking official of United Nations Office for Disarmament indicates the necessity for a world free of nuclear weapons is more urgent now than ever.
The continuation of the Conference to negotiate a legally binding instrument that prohibits nuclear weapons that conduces to its total elimination, will take place at the Headquarters of the United Nations in the city of New York until July 7.
Costa Rica chairs the aforementioned Conference under the leadership of Ambassador of Elayne Whyte, who presented the draft document to the nations that attended the event this Thursday, June 15, date in which the second session initiated with the objective of elaborating a final document.
Ambassador Whyte described, during first session of the Conference in March, ¨that it permitted for solid and constructive debates. The exchange of opinions encompassed all the legally binding aspects of the instrument, including its basic prohibitions and other dispositions.

Ambassador Rodolfo Solano Quiros of Costa Rica

For her part, Izumi Nakamitsu, United Nations High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, expressed that ¨the search for a world free of nuclear weapons is more urgent now than ever,¨ while also describing the current negotiations as ¨truly historic¨ and affirming that the deliberations taking place represent the most sought out objective of the United Nations: a world free of nuclear weapons.
She also expressed her concern for the fact that 20 years have passed since the governing bodies regarding disarmament of the United Nations elaborated a multilateral legally binding instrument on the issue of nuclear weapons. Ms. Nakamitsu stressed that great care should place placed in “finalizing an instrument that is legally sound, technically accurate and politically wise.”
Costa Rica is well known as a country with a strong history and vocation for peace, democracy and stability, promoting the Nuclear Weapons Ban as an initiative to prohibit the use, possession, development, testing, deployment and transfer of nuclear weapons under international law.

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