Namyangju hosts International Slow Life Convention on Sept. 22-26 this year
Namyangju hosts International Slow Life Convention on Sept. 22-26 this year
  • Kim Su-a
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On the theme of Food, City and Health

Namyangju – the city that follows the Slow Life trend, will host an International Slow Life Conventionwithin the'Food, City and Health' framework. The Convention will take place for 5 days –from September 22nd to 26th.

After the 2011 Global Organic Farming Convention and the 2013 Slow Food International Convention, in 2015, Slow Life International Convention was introduced based on the three farming principles of Dasan Jeong Yak-yong's mastery to reflect city's Slow Life image.

As a city following the Slow Culture and it's paradigms - slow cooking, slow healing, slow living, slow reading, slow walking, etc., Namyangju promotes five core businesses incorporating ecological and gourmet tourism. Namyangju city is striving to create a platform to become a world-famous gourmet tourism destination.

An official of the City stated: We are preparing and carrying out various educational programms to spread slow life culture for the sake of our citizens' happiness.' 'In order to promote this trend outside of Namyangju City and the Republic of Korea and to make it known in the world, we will be holding the Namyangju Slow Life International Convention at the Namyangju Sports Cultural Center for five days from September 22nd to 26th."

On July 7, the deputy mayor of Namyangju, Mr. Hyun-deok Choi held a preliminary briefing where he unveiled city's policy to make Namyangju known worldwide as 'Slow Life City'. Mr.Choi also expressed city's intentions to make the values and philosophy of the Slow Life known and cherished by foreigners through holding of the Slow Life Convention.

'If you want to get away from the busy everyday life and enjoy nature and freedom, if you want to healyour heart, I hope you will visit the Slow Life Convention' he added. This year's Slow Life International Convention will feature a variety of programs, including a gourmet tourism platform, educational programs and different experience booths, international conferences and special exhibitions dedicated to Chuseok celebrations. Slow Life is a concept that contributes to everyday life. Slow Cooking is a movement to protect and revitalize the traditional and eco-friendly food culture and improve the quality of life.

2016 Namyangju Slow Life International Festival Food show

Since 2013 Namyangju City has been hosting an annual Slow Life Convention for international and domestic participants. It started in 2013 as the Slow Food International Convention and changed its name to the 2015 Slow Life International Convention. That year 400,000 foreigners visited the 10-day convention. In addition, Namyangju as a host city of the Slow Life International Convention hopes to become a '22nd gourmet city' to welcome 5 million tourists in 2020.

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