Amb. Pomareda: "I Hope Koreans will enjoy the traditional, fusion foods of Peru”
Amb. Pomareda: "I Hope Koreans will enjoy the traditional, fusion foods of Peru”
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Theme of food fest: ‘Flavorsome culinary trip to Peru’

Ambassador Jaime Pomareda of Peru said "Through this festival, I hope that many Koreans will enjoy the taste of traditional and fusion Peruvian foods and that the Peruvian dishes will be more loved by Koreans." Then he said that he also expected more Peruvian restaurants will be opened in Korea.” The 5th Peruvian Food Festival was held at the Grand Hyatt Terrace restaurant on July 18, 2017 introducing varied food and beverage of Peru at a buffet.

Ambassador Jaime Pomareda of Peru introduces the traditional food and culture of Peru.

Opening the event, Peru is a country with a coastal region facing the Pacific Ocean and a variety of terrains, including flatlands, the Andes, and the Amazon region. Accordingly, food of each region is different because it uses the special products grown in each region as materials.

Ambassador Pomareda(left) gives an opening speech at the Peruvian food festival. The others are Chef Maria Rosa Peru (second from the right) and Enrique Cardenas Arestegui(far right). Interpreting the ambassador’s speech is Secretary Song Hye-mi of the ambassador.

Peru gastronomy has been influenced by the inherent tradition and the influx of immigrants from Europe, Asia and Africa. While various food cultures are created after many immigrants arrived in Peru, typically African fusion cuisine likeAnticucho, Tacu-tacu and Carapulcrawere created. Also, through Italian immigrants, Italian pasta (basil pesto) and red pasta (with Tomato sauce) were introduced, and materials and cooking techniques were introduced from Asia. Lastly,due to the popularity of the traditional Andes, native crops such as potatoes, red peppers, and quinoa became popular choice at people’s dinner table.

Famous Peruvian Lady Chef Maria Rosa.

Maria Rosa, the famous Peruvian Chef, showed participants how to cook Ceviche, the most popular Peruvian dish. With fresh sea food, Ceviche is served in lemon or lime juice with onions, corn, fried corn, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes and coriander. Maria said, “I am delighted and honored to introduce the best Peruvian food in Korea and I hope more Koreans will be interested inthe Peruvian food in the future. "

A mouth-watering spread of Peruviandelicacies.

LomoSaltado (stir-fried beef), Quinoa Salad with bacon and shrimp, Peruvian prawns soup and Roasted Pork were prepared. Peru has maintained its reputation as the world's gourmet country in the World Travel Awards for five consecutive years.
Two of the Peruvian restaurants (Central andMaido) were included on the list as the World Best Restaurant 10 selected by British Restaurant Magazine in 2017, and Virgilio Martinez, the chef of the Central Restaurant, was chosen as the world best chef.

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