Dangjin Mayor Lee dedicates Sigok Interchange
Dangjin Mayor Lee dedicates Sigok Interchange
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Vows efforts to improve traffic safety

The Dangjin City Government hosted a dedication ceremony of the Sigok Interchange at the Dangjin General Hospital Park on Feb. 5, 2014. Attending the ceremony were Mayor Lee Cheol-Hwan of the Dangjin City, Vice Chairman Ahn Hyo-kwon of the Dangjin City Council, Chief of the Dangjin Police Station Yoo Je-yul, and over 200 citizens.

At the ceremony, Mayor Lee reported to the meeting on the progress of the project before the completion and presented citations and plaques of appreciation to the persons who had made remarkable contribution to the successful completion of the project.

The newly finished Sigok Interchange is expected to considerably ease the traffic congestion in the area, which had caused significant hindrances to the development of the city streets and inconvenience to the commuters and visitors to the Dangjin General Hospital. Most importantly, the newly completed Interchange is expected to considerably reduce traffic accidents.
The Dangjin City Government started construction of the Interchange in June 2013 at a total cost of 1 billion won to widen the bottle-neck section of Route 32 and Route 15 to a four-lane route and improving the access route to the Hospital.

Speaking to the dedication ceremony, Mayor Lee said, “I am very glad that we have finished the Sigok Interchange, which had been high on the list of priority projects required by the citizens.” Then he said that taking the meeting as an opportunity he wished to emphasize that he will pay a greater attention to insuring traffic safety for the benefit of the citizens and to better observance of traffic rules and regulations to that end.

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