Bio Industry Expo Osong Korea 2014
Bio Industry Expo Osong Korea 2014
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On Sept. 26 for a 17-day run

With 200 days to go before opening of the Bio Industry Expo Osong Korea 2014 scheduled for September 26 to October 12, 2014 at the Osong High-Tech Medical Complex near the KTX Osong station, organizing committee of the Bio Industry Expo held the special D-200 day event on March 12 at Chengdu Gymnasium in Chengdu some 110 km south of Seoul.

On hand at the special event were Lee Si-jong, governor of Chungcheongbuk-do; Oh Young-kyo, chairman of the organizing committee; Han Beum-deuk, mayor of Cheongju City, Lee Jong-yoon, chief of Cheongwon County; and Kim Myung-hyun, chairman of Korea Biomedicine Industry Association; and other dignitaries and 5,000-plus citizens.

During the ceremonies, Sistar was named goodwill ambassador for the 2014 Osong Bio Expo. Sistar is a Korean pop girl group created by Starship Entertainment. Their group name is a combination of the words "Sister" and "Star", meaning they are meant to be sisters in the entertainment business and become big stars.

As a bio-hub of the world, the forthcoming Bio Industry Expo Osong Korea 2014 will feature biotechnology and cultural exposition incorporating a combined B2B and B2C international exhibition.
Hosts of the international event include Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy and Chungcheongbuk-do with the Osong International Bio Expo organizing committee playing as a coordinator.
With the main theme "Bio Osong, Innovative Technologies for Human Life!" the international event is aimed at placing Chungcheongbuk-do at the centre of international and national biotechnology research and development.

Organizer of the event hopes to attract 665,000 local visitors and 35,000 foreigners during the event period.

To join the event will also include 223 leading bio industrial companies from local and foreign countries as well as 700-plus foreign bio buyers from 25 countries who will participate in the business forums, exhibits, trading, conventions as well as educational and sightseeing events (Korean wave & Medical care).

The Osong International Bio Expo 2014 will offer biotech companies throughout the world the ideal stage to show-off their work and ideas.

The Bio Expo will also offer opportunities of discovering, understanding, and questioning all concepts on display to start conversations about the fate of many key issues such as economic and environmental sustainability, a spokesperson of the organizing committee said pointing out that the major purpose is to create an experience that is open to everyone because the problems we are concerned with affect us all.

"By creating international innovation and policy evaluation, we will be able to go head on against many problems facing the biotechnology industry. It is therefore vital for governments and nations to be on the same page," he said.

Goals have to be similar so that solutions can be applied to many overlying issues. This requires reassessing many current policies as well as international practice standards within the industry.
At the Osong International Bio Expo 2014, competition will be stiff yet necessary to assure the exposure of the best the bio-tech industry has to offer.

The biotechnology industry has contributed in immense and varied ways to improving the daily lives of average citizens, from its advances in the field of medicine including antibiotics and vaccines, to agricultural innovations that have helped many countries avoid the very real and terrible consequences of famine.

Biotechnology refers to a wide spectrum of scientific developments that all rely on living systems or organisms in order to make useful products. This definition is so broad and far-reaching that the organizers of the Osong Bio Expo 2014 felt that exhibiting some of the best developments in the field was both important as a way to recognize the incredible achievements of the specialists responsible for them, but also to educate the public about the immense range of biotech projects out there. While a variety of research projects will be included in the upcoming Bio Expo, many of them pertain to developments in agriculture.

The biotech projects in the agricultural sector have the potential to change completely the face of food production and consumption around the world. For instance, past research in this field has led to the development of high-yield seeds that have allowed for much larger harvests which ultimately results in lower prices, a greater accessibility to food and increased food security. This has particularly been the case in developing countries.

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