Chuseok gift hamper sets on sale
Chuseok gift hamper sets on sale
  • Kim Jung-mi
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Chuseok is one of the largest gifts giving holidays in Korea, and to help you acquire the perfect gifts for treasured family, colleagues and business associates, Millennium Seoul Hilton is offering several luxury gift hamper sets for sale. Gift hampers go on sale from Monday, September 4th through to Tuesday, October 3rd (September 29th for nationwide delivery excluding Jeju Island).

There are a variety of gift sets being offered. They include:

Top-grade Beef Gift Sets (KW350,000-KW970,000)

These gift sets offer prime-grade (++) Hanwoo beef sets with superior marbling, U.S. Black Angus beef galbi set, and U.S. L.A. Galbi set. In particular the U.S. beef galbi is made with Black Angus beef certified by the American Angus Association. The gift sets come with Millennium Seoul Hilton’s own marinade.

Yellow Croaker with Roe Gift Sets (KW400,000/KW600,000)

These yellow croaker are filled with roe, and are similar to the ones served at the Emperor’s own dinner table. Available in various sizes, these premium gift sets make a marvelous gift.

Premium Food Gift Sets (KW45,000-KW380,000)

Premium sets include: Norwegian smoked salmon with capers and horseradish sauce; soy sauce marinated crabs (limited supply); assorted set of premium dried goods including dried anchovies, seaweed laver, red pepper paste, dried pollack red pepper paste, etc.; natural seasonings set with ground dried anchovies, ground dried seaweed tangle, ground dried mussels, ground dried shrimp, and other flavorings for soups; and natural seaweed and dried anchovies set. These sets will be appreciated by the gourmet diner.

Premium Wine Set (KW1,710,000)

An assortment of acclaimed wines including: 2013 Opus One from Rothschild & Mondavi; 2013 Chateau Lynch Bages, Grand Cru Classe; 2013 Almavira, Baron Philippe & Concha y Toro; 2012 Montes Alpha M; 2014 Chardonnay Far Niente; and 2011 Barolo DOCG Pio Cesare.

Wine/Champagne Specials (KW49,000-KW700,000)

A variety of wines and champagnes ideal for gift giving including 2016 Chardonnay Blac J-Bouchon and 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva J-Bouchon.

Nationwide delivery (excluding Jeju Island) is available and included in the cost of the gift sets. Orders made by 6pm on Friday, September 29th will be guaranteed delivery anywhere on the peninsula (excluding Jeju-do). Orders made from September 30th to October 3rd can only be delivered within the Seoul area. All prices are inclusive of 10% VAT.

Lee Yoon-ho, Manager of Cilantro Deli stated, “For the 2017 Chuseok season, Millennium Seoul Hilton is bringing back its bestselling hampers including Hanwoo beef, soy-sauce marinated crabs, yellow croaker sets, etc.). We are also introducing new additions including a premium U.S. Black Angus beef galbi set featuring certified Black Angus beef and economically-priced hampers such as the dried goods and dried seasonings sets. We even offer a very affordable wine set for KW49,000. You can rest assured about the quality and cachet of these hampers from a premium five-star hotel, and also not be hassled with packaging and shipping.”

For Chuseok Gift Hamper enquiries, please call (02) 317-3066.

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