Chairman Nam of Glami cites 20 civic figures with Daepyung Invention Culture Award
Chairman Nam of Glami cites 20 civic figures with Daepyung Invention Culture Award
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At the Namjonghyun Center in Cheorwon 50 miles north of Seoul

Twenty winners of the 6th Daepyung Namjonghyun Invention Culture Award were cited at a gala ceremony held at the Namjonghyun Culture Center building in Cheorwon some 47.8 miles north of Seoul Saturday (Sept. 9). The Award is considered a great source of inspiration for the people who are interested in invention and development of technology for the better of mankind as well as people in the Republic of Korea.

Chairman Nam Jong-hyun of Glami Co., Ltd.

The competition for the Namjonghyu Award is open to all the citizens of the Republic of Korea, who are interested in the development of intellectual properties, as the Awarded is presented to whoever has made a renovative achievement in the sphere of development of intellectual properties. It is one of the most authoritative awards open to anyone eligible where a total of 100 million won is offered in cash award together with a prestigious citation for each winner. This year the presentation ceremony marked the sixth since its inception.

Application for the Award is accepted for three months beginning on June 1 every year and the entrants undergo a thorough process of screening. A screening committee of 10 volunteers formed with civic figures conducted the examination of each of the 10 winners of the Award this year.

The Nam Jong-Hyun Center at the large Glami Industrial Estate in Cheorwon, an hour’s run north of Seoul.

Of note, Professor Choi Young-wook of Chungang University, a winner of the Daepyung Invention Award this year, has achieved a total of 26 patent registrations, submitted applications for four international patent rights based on PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty), and published a total of 190 academic papers.

There also were other winners who included CEO Lee Kyung-bok of Sumaek Black Bed who has won a total of over 20 invention patent rights as well as an Order of Industrial Service Merit Tin Tower and a Grand Award for a Proud Citizen of the Republic of Korea in addition to a Genius Award in Japan.

Dr. Nam Jong-hyun, who established the Award, initiated this Award in 1012 with an aim to help the Republic of Korea develop as an Invention-strong Country of the World, made an impressive speech at the award presentation ceremony.

Winners of the 6th Daepyung Namjonghyun Invention Culture Award

He said, “I am sure that everyone can achieve one’s aim and one’s dream will come true if only one would try with a challenging mind and a ‘can do’ spirit. What they need is passion and confidence in themselves.”

At the Namjonghyun Center where the award presentation ceremony was held has a good number of exhibits, which include much-coveted awards and citations won by Chairman Nam. Among them are the Order of the Industrial Service Merit Gold Tower offered by the President of the Republic of Korea, a Grand Award of a Proud Korean National, various other details concerning Chairman Nam who has won awards at 10 world’s most prestigious invention competitions.

Chairman Nam Jong-hyun of Glami Co., Ltd. presents an Invention Culture Award to Professor Choi Yeong-uk of Chungang University in Seoul.

Chairman Nam became the ‘Invention King of Korea’ as a result of a total of 808 challenges he made, 807 failures he has suffered, and one success he achieved out of all the challenges he has faced and undergone.

Chairman Nam has also written a book entitled “A Story of an Invention King for the Grand Children, which consist of a total of three volumes.

Winners of the 6th Daepyung Namjonghyun Invention Culture Award

Prof. Choi Young-Wook of Chung-Ang University

CEO Choi Young-Chul of Silver Rex

Advertising Executive Song Young-Shim of Cleani

CEO Lee Kyung-Bok of Sumac heuk Chimdae

CEO Kim Jong-Hwa of SungDo T&C

CEO Baek Sung-Ki of Buheng Sukjae

CEO Na Byung-Chul of JenixOne

CEO Jang Hyun-Shil of Doorisystem

CEO Lee Seung-Hyun of EMAGT

CEO Jang Byung-Chun of Sambo P&T

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