LG Electronics showcases beauty appliances
LG Electronics showcases beauty appliances
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LG Electronics Inc. showcased its first four household beauty appliances Monday as the company makes its first foray into the fast-growing industry, with its products anticipated to adopt artificial intelligence and big-data technologies in the near future.

The South Korean electronics giant launched the LG Pra.L beauty appliance lineup, consisting of the Derma LED Mask, the Total Lift-up Care, the Galvanic Ion Booster and the Dual-Motion Cleanser.

LG Electronics said the company will deliver quality beauty products to consumers using its top-notch manufacturing technology.

The company said it has made safety its top priority in the production of its beauty devices, since they are directly used on customers' bodies.

It said it has conducted extensive tests on 100 subjects, with 98 percent showing significant improvements in their skin. All four of the products were free from side effects, the company added.

The LG Pra.L is also equipped with voice guidance systems to instruct users in the proper utilization of the products. The devices can be charged with USB ports and have improved power efficiency. For instance, the Derma LED Mask can be used for up to seven days on a single charge.

LG Electronics said South Korea's home beauty market is estimated at 450 billion won (US$ 396 million), with annual growth estimated at 10 percent, as a rising number of consumers are seeking convenient skincare solutions that do not need experts' support.

The Derma LED Mask, which comes with a price tag of 799,000 won, has 120 LEDs, the light of which penetrates to different levels of the skin to improve tone and tightness. The lights are especially focused on the forehead, and around the lips and eyes.

The Total Lift-up Care, priced at 499,000 won, uses high-frequency LEDs and microcurrents to improve skin tightening.

The Galvanic Ion Booster helps cosmetics penetrate deeper into the skin for greater efficiency, and the Dual-Motion Cleanser is capable of washing skin 10 times better than conventional methods, LG Electronics added. The price tags for the booster and cleanser are set at 349,000 won and 249,000 won, respectively.

"The home beauty business was born with a vision applying artificial intelligence and big-data technologies to the market," an official from LG Electronics' home appliance division said. "Data is a crucial part of the cosmetics industry."

LG Electronics said it is not only open to cooperation with related companies, such as LG Household & Health Care, but also with other firms like L'Oreal.

The company said it has not yet set a sales target for the business, but claimed South Korea's home beauty market will grow 10 percent annually.

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