Samsung to shut down music-streaming app Milk
Samsung to shut down music-streaming app Milk
  • Max Kang
  • 승인 2017.09.27 08:45
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Samsung Electronics Co. said Tuesday it plans to close down its music-streaming app Milk in October, and instead provide the services through its updated Samsung Music player.

The South Korean tech giant first kicked off the service in 2014 to compete with Apple Inc.'s iTunes.

The Milk service was launched in South Korea, the United States, China, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, but the company failed to secure enough users, industry watchers said.

Accordingly, Samsung has been closing down the service in major countries since last year, with the full shut down slated for Oct. 23.

The company said Samsung Music will provide comprehensive music service to users including streaming. The music contents will be provided by Soribada Inc.

"We decided to remove the Milk brand for users' convenience, and to provide a unified music player through Samsung Music," an official from Samsung Electronics said.

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