‘Old Boys’ of Herald Media have a special reunion
‘Old Boys’ of Herald Media have a special reunion
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The former executives and editors of Korea’s leading English daily, The Korea Herald, and its Korean-language sister business daily (Herald Business) had an extraordinary meeting of the ‘Old Boys Club,’ their fraternity, at a Korean restaurant named Sinmiok located near the Pacific Hotel.

Sinmiok is located near where the old building of The Korea Herald was in Hoehyeon-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, and arouses a sense of nostalgia among the ‘Old Boys’ because when they had time left before the editorial deadline of the day they used to discuss their encounters of the day over a few glasses of beer or soju with ‘Roseugui’ pieces of beef roasted on a charcoal fire.

Speaking to the ‘Old Boys,’ Chairman Yun Ik-Han said that the Club was planning an expanded reunion meeting in the near future with the participation of former CEOs of the Herald Corporation and also a picnic-type walk and trekking on a gentle hill on the outskirts of Seoul in late spring or early summer.

The meeting of the ‘Old Boys’ had some of the leading members promoted to fill the positions vacated by the seniors who had fulfilled their tour of duty.

Some of the members were active on new jobs after their retirement from The Korea Herald and Herald Business (including Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik who has been publishing The Korea Post for the past 29 years after his resignation from the Herald), while others enjoyed an ‘easy’ life on pensions and income deriving from their savings.

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