Myanmar hosts 69th Armed Forces Day party
Myanmar hosts 69th Armed Forces Day party
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Charge d’Affaires Myo Than Pe of the Union of Myanmar and Defense Attache Brig. Gen. Myint Hein hosted a reception at the Republic of Korea Army Club in Samgakji, Seoul on March 27, 2014 to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the Armed Forces Day.

There were many distinguished guests in attendance from the Republic of Korea Armed Forces as well as the Myanmar Armed Forces and the defense attaches from various embassies in Seoul.
Among them were Rear Admiral Lee Bum-Lim (director of Foreign Intelligence Division of the Defense Intelligence Agency), Defense Attache RADM Edgar Jose Marquez Bolivar of Venezuela, Defense Attach? Colonel Salih Ataman of Turkey, Deputy Defense & Military Attache Col. EP Marcos Alipio De La Vega Polanco of Peru, Defense Attache Col. Emmanuel Fernandez of Spain, Naval Attache Captain Guillermo Alejandro Carvallo Torres of Mexico, Defense Attache Captain Daniel Gustavo Chaluleu of Argentina, Defense Attache Captain Brett Dowsing of Australia.

Speaking to the guests, Brig. Gen. Myin Hein said, “Today marks our 69th observance of Myanmar Armed Forces Day and we take time to celebrate, appreciating and honoring all of those who have served our nation with distinction and humility. I, on behalf of our people, am appreciative of your being here with us on this significant Day.” (See excerpts from the speech at the end of this Article.)

As on the previous occasions, the Myanmar Armed Forces Day celebration party was attended not only by many defense attaches of the embassies but also their wives who came mostly in their attractive traditional costumes of various colors of brightness and elegance adding to the beautiful ambience of the party.

Excerpts from the speech of Brig. Gen. Myint Hein:

No nation could be founded without blood, toil and sweat of her own people. Myanmar, as well, was founded with her people’s blood and sweat. Throughout the history, we have faced uncountable hardships and we, our forces and the citizens together, could stand and overcome all those things.
Indeed, those victories are because of our people who serve and stand for honor and sacrifice; they put themselves after others, their country before self. Our Armed Forces have originated with the fight for the country’s independence, guarded and protected the people against the colonization. Yet we are defending the country while forming the country’s peace and development. Thus, we celebrate today as a day when the rest of us can show our patriotic support for all these heroes, and their outstanding contribution to our country.

Our military has been serving the country in defending as well as participating in forming the National Politics in harmony with the citizens.

Nowadays, with our elected President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, U Thein Sein, we are going to contribute in forming the nation to be in peace and development in harmony with the democratic ways.
Since stability, unity and discipline can guarantee a nation’s development, our Armed Forces, as well, are serving the country in unique cooperating with the citizens.
After the visit of President Park Geun-hye to the world, we have seen that there are improvements and successes in international relations, cooperating with other nations for the country’s economy and defense, and discussion for global affairs and humanitarian helps. To compare with previous year, I would like to say on behalf of Myanmar people, government and Myanmar armed forces that we are very much glad to see these development and improvements.

Again, I would like to say that we support Korea’s Rural Program on Saemaul Movement and we are very grateful for Korea’s cooperation to help Myanmar with the development project that will be implemented successfully very soon.

Our President U Thein Sein and President Madam Park Geun-hye met at the Association of Southeast Asian nations (ASEAN) + 3 Summit in Brunei in 2013. They discussed how to boost friendship and cooperation between the two countries, the situation on the Korean Peninsula and their collaboration in both regional and international settings.
After the last year’s state visit of two contries’ Parliament Chairmen, Myanmar-Korea friendship and the cooperation between the parliaments has been increased.
Myanmar Military Superior Authorities were invited to attend the Seoul Defense Dialogue, 2013 and had a chance to visit the Defense Exhibitions. Also because of that, the relations between two governments and Armed Forces could be extended and upgraded as well as warm partnership. Let me thank you again for the warmth and hospitality of the Republic of Korea.
Now here I wish to toast for our occasion.
May the leaders and the people of the Republic of Korea and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar be in good health, prosperity and well-being.
May the Armed Forces of the Republic of Korea and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar be able to form peace and prosperity of both nations.
And Your Excellency, special guests, colleagues, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, May you all be in good health, prosperity and all of the best

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