Will South Korea, too, go nuclear?
Will South Korea, too, go nuclear?
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In the current April 2014 issue of The Korea Post, we have an unprecedented 15-page special in-depth feature report on South Korea’s independent development a self-defense-purpose nuclear armament with important views from noted specialists on nuclear weapons and foreign relations.
We have been roped into covering the topic so extensively by the fast-changing military and diplomatic environment surrounding the Korean peninsula, particularly the North Korean regime's threatening to cause a ‘surprisingly enormous’ provocation 'soon.'

South Korean National Defense Ministry Spokesman Kim Min-Suk announced on April 22, 2014 that the North Korean regime may carry out a new type of a nuclear test before the end of this month that could be on a much larger scale.
Kim quoted a North Korean official as warning, “We are preparing ‘One Big Blow’ against our enemies!” It may be viewed as a clear sign of North Korea’s execution of its 4th nuclear bomb test in disregard of the opposition from the Republic of Korea (ROK), the United States, China and the rest of the world. The North Korean plunder is expected to cause a significant change on the attitude of the ROK in regard to its decision on whether or not to develop its own nuclear weapons to deter the wildcat North Korean provocation.

In the April 2014 issue, The Korea Post publishes an unprecedented 15-page Special Feature Report entitled, “Will South Korea, too, go Nuclear?” The Special Report provides an in-depth analysis and predictions on the ROK’s independent development of nuclear deterrent if it fails to win the blessings of the US and its other allies for its endeavor. The special feature will include:

1. Is it true that the ROK could develop nuclear weapons within six months if it wants to make them, and then by far outstrip the North Korean nuclear weapons to such an extent where North Korea will have to give up its effort to catch up with the South in nuclear race due to overwhelming economic and technological power of the South? Will it make the North Korean regime to totally give up its nuclear arms development in a barter arrangement with the ROK’s abandonment of nuclear armament?
2. The Republic of Korea has full justification to development self-defense-purpose nuclear weapons to thwart North Korea from carrying into action its intimidation to “Deal a nuclear strike against the South to turn Seoul into an inferno of flames.”
3. How the ROK should try to avoid sanctions from the US and other countries of the international community and persuade to acquiesce in the ROK’s development of nuclear weapons.
4. Will the US, China, Japan, Taiwan and other interested countries ultimately develop a common sense in the merit of “Balance of Terror” as a means of maintaining peace in the nuclear-armed world?
5. Why should the ROK decide against developing its own nuclear weapons in spite of the North Korean nuclear intimidations? What kind of economic and other sanctions are expected against the ROK from the international community in the event of its actual implementation of the nuclear armament plans.
6. Why did former President Park Chung-Hee try to develop the ROK’s own nuclear weapons and how did he fail in this effort?
7. Who killed President Park Chung-Hee? Was the US CIA really behind Director Kim Jae-Kyu of the KCIA who shot President Park to death?
8. Who killed noted Korean-born Nuclear Scientist Dr. Benjamin W. Lee? Was the US CIA really involved in the traffic accident that killed Dr. Lee but left his wife and two children intact?

For subscription for the April 2014 Special Issue of The Korea Post on Nucelar Armement of the Republic of Korea, please deposit US$12.00 (or KWN12,000) per copy in Kookmin Bank (KB), Account Number 095-01-0172-594, Account Holder: The Korea Post. Or please save US$24.00 (KWN24,000) by annual subscription which provides discounting of the amount to US$120.00 (KWN120,000) from the original price of US$144.00 (KWN144,000). The regular subscribers who have already paid the subscription, need not apply for subscription at this time.

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