Oman hosts Omani Night of Culture with Omani food, fashions and music
Oman hosts Omani Night of Culture with Omani food, fashions and music
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Ambassador Mohammed Al Harthy of the Sultanate of Oman in Seoul hosted an Omani Night (organized by Oman LNG) at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul on March 25, 2014 to introduce various aspects of Oman, including tasty traditional Omani dishes and an Omani Fashion Show which featured a wide variety of elegant Omani costumes against the backdrop of Omani music. It was in celebration of the 40th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Oman.

Among the Korean and international guests attending the reception were Rep. Ahn Hong-joon (chairman of the Foreign Affairs & Unification Committee of the National Assembly), Vice Chairman Lee Hee-beom of LGI (former minister of commerce & industry) and Chairman Yu Myung-hwan of Daeyang Foundation (former minister of foreign affairs).

Welcoming the guests, Ambassador Al Harthy said: “Tonight, we will embark with you in a virtual journey to Oman where you will enjoy and experience some touches of the Omani culture. The event is organized by Oman LNG in appreciation to the excellent partnership between Oman LNG and Korea gaz.”

Excerpts from the speech:
Many thanks to Oman LNG CEO, Mr. Harib Alkitani, Oman LNG chief executives Mr. Adnan, Mr. Hamoud and Mr. Almusan. Thanks also extended to their staff and teams for their dedicated efforts and hard work in preparing and organizing this event.

It is also fortunate that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the cordial relation between Oman and Korea.

On this occasion Oman embassy is embarking on a series of events throughout the year.
With no doubt, that these events will promote understanding among our nations, enhances relation and deepen and widen the cooperation between Oman and Korea.

We are confident and optimistic that the relation and cooperation between Oman and Korea will witness further progress and development in the coming years.

In conclusion, I wish you pleasant evening, happiness and joy, and to Oman LNG, Oman and Korea more prosperous, more progress, more development and more success.

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