HUFS marks 60th anniversary
HUFS marks 60th anniversary
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The 60th Anniversary Celebration of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies was held at Obama Hall, Seoul Campus on April 18, 2014.

Organized by Dean Moon Myung-jae of Academic Affairs, the ceremony was attended by over 500 graduates, ambassadors and other distinguished guests.

The diplomats included Ambassadors Sung Kim of the United States, Edmundo Sussumu Fujita of Brazil, Vasyl Marmazov of Ukraine, Pham Huu Chi of Vietnam, Vishnu Prakash of India, Baasanjav Ganbold of Mongolia, Elisabeth Bertagnoli of Austria, Nikoloz Apkhazava of Georgia, Mamadou Ndiaye of Senegal, Ramzi Teymurov of Azerbaijan (CDA) and Branko Marjanac of Serbia (CDA); and First Secretary Vincent-Guillaume Poupeau of the EU.

Among the guests in attendance from the Korean society were President Choi Sang-hak of the US Beltsville International Rotary Club of the U.S., Chairman & CEO Yoon Yoon-soo of Fila Korea Ltd., President Yang Yin-jip of Hite-Jinro in charge of overseas business.

Celebration was held in a simple manner because of the Sewol Ferry accident and condolences were offered to consol those suffering from the accident as well as prayers for the safe return of of the missing passengers.

Then there were congratulatory remarks by President Kim In-chul of HUFS which was followed by a report on HUFS’s history by Dean Kim Seong-soo of Planning and Coordination. There also was a congratulatory message by Ambassador Sung Kim of the United States in Seoul.

In his speech, President Kim In-chul of HUFS said in part: “ I am confident that today’s celebration of the 60th anniversary will serve as the foundation for HUFS towards 100 years. Crises will be turned into opportunities while our united efforts will be proudly recorded in HUFS history.”

Following the program, President Kim presented awards and citations to noted Korean business men, long-term employees, faculty members and staff members with excellent performance.

Chairman & CEO Yoon Yoon-soo of Fila Korea Ltd., President Yang Yin-jip at Hite-Jinro Co. and Advisor Choi Sang-hak to the HUFS Alumni Federation of the Americas won a HUFS Award.

And then, video clip for HUFS’s 60th anniversary was introduced. In the end of ceremony, HUFS’s ?ision toward 100 Years?was announced and all guests sang the School song together.

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