KWEIA successfully hosts International Green Energy Expo and Conference
KWEIA successfully hosts International Green Energy Expo and Conference
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Interview with Chairman Dr. Rimtaig Lee of KWEIA

Renewable energy industry organizations in Korea successfully held the International Green Energy Expo & Conference 2014, the largest renewable energy industry event in Korea, on April 2-4 at the EXCO in Daegu co-hosted by the Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongsangbuk-do provincial governments. Co-organized by Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association (KOPIA), Korea Wind Energy Industry Association (KWEIA), Korea New & Renewable Energy Association (KNREA), Korea Hydrogen Industry Association and EXCO, the international green energy expo was taken part by 300 companies from 19 countries across the world.

More than 110 prominent specialists and experts from countries across the world presented papers at conferences in 10 different renewable energy areas during the exposition. Their topics of discussion covered range of renewable energies, including solar photovoltaic, wind power, fuel cells and solar thermal power as well as programs to address the climate change. The exposition and conferences attracted more than 35,000 attendees and visitors, including experts and executives at leading companies in Korea and other countries, such as OCI, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hanwha, Samsung Heavy Industries, LG Electronics, LG CNS and GS E&R in Korea, Siemens in Germany, and LDK and Gold Wind in China.

In line with growing interest in and expansion of renewable energy market, these organizations have been holding the annual international energy exposition since 2004 focused on wind energy, marking its eleventh event in this year. Recognized by the Union des Foires Internationals (UFI), Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and Association of Korea Exhibition Industry as a leading international exposition, the energy expo has been growing by 45% in scale every year, and participation of foreign companies increased by over 40% annually since 2006. In 2013, renewable energy-related companies in Korea made deals to export products in value of US$3 billion during the event. Major foreign buyers participated in the expo in 2013 included Wind World and M/S Godrej & Boyce Mfg. (India), Ge: Net GmBH (Germany), Guangzhou Ruxing and Renesolar (China), Motech Industries (Taiwan), Erlang Tech (United States), and Tou-Sei (Japan). The International Green Energy Committee (IGECO) concurrently hosted the green energy business conference entitled ‘Global Wind Power Market Insight’ during the period of the green energy expo in 2013. Major topics of the conference included ‘Overview On and Offshore Wind World’, ‘Overview Wind Energy in Germany’, ‘Overview All Renewable Energies in Germany’, and ‘Offshore Certification with TUV Rheinland Support and Safety for a Floating Project’.

And the International Green Energy Expo 2014 was also accompanied by several other events, such as the Green Energy Expo-Wind Power Korea 2014, an exhibition of wind power equipments, systems and facilities, the Global Wind Power Market Insight 2014, a green energy business conference, a trade meeting, and tour of renewable energy facilities. In the Wind Power Korea 2014, companies showcased new large and small wind power generators, hybrid systems, safety systems, CMS, computer-controlled MSR technologies, switch erosion prevention facilities, 3-D measurement equipments, main shafts, rotor blades, rotor hubs, transformers, cables, wind and water pumps, and screws. In the business conference, world-renowned experts and specialists discussed topics on green energy in 11 tracks and 23 sessions, presenting more than 200 papers. Programs of touring renewable energy facilities included tour of two solar photovoltaic power generation product companies, such as STX Solar and LG Electronics, floating photovoltaic solar power generation systems of Korea Water Resources Corporation and Korea Industrial Complex Corporation, as well as other photovoltaic solar power systems at EXCO, the green convention center, and renewable energy facilities.

Besides these events and programs, other activities also attracted attention of the industry. Hyundai Motor introduced hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, such as ‘Tucson iX’ and large buses, providing trial ride experience. Daejoo Electronic Materials showcased new electrode paste for solar cells and phosphor for LED. Having developed technologies in conductive paste and glass substances for PDP panels, the company has been exporting such products to a dozen countries, including Taiwan, China, United States and Europe. And the Netherlands’ wind energy association (HHWE) and KWEIA concluded an MOU for cooperation in wind energy area. The Dutch government installed its pavilion at the venue of the Expo, accommodating 9 wind energy companies, including Damen Shipyards Group, ECN, GustoMSC, MECAL, Stukton, TNO, Trelleborg Ridderkerk, VDL KLIMA, and We4Ce. At the International Hot Spot Zone of the Expo, companies from Germany, Italy and India held seminars. At these seminars, VDE from Germany presented a paper on ‘Achieving Differentiation through Premium Quality for Soar PV’, Sferasol s.r.l. from Italy introduced new solar thermal water heaters, and UMB India discussed ‘India A Promising Renewable Energy Destination’.

With more than 90 member companies, the KWEIA, one of organizers of the International Green Energy Expo, has been promoting wind power industry in Korea, leading members to develop advanced technologies and expand wind power farms. As of February 2013, cumulative capacity of wind power generation in Korea reached 491,600KW.

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