Highlight topics in the April issue of The Korea Post
Highlight topics in the April issue of The Korea Post
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- Will South Korea go nuclear?

- 2017 Presidential Hopeful Chung Mong-joon forefront in demanding S. Korea’s nuclear armament.

- Polls show 64% of South Koreans wanting independent nuclear armament while 28% say no.

- With whom will China take sides between North Korea and NE Asian US allies in the face of imminent 4th N. Korean nuclear test?

- Pres. Park Chung-hee almost finished nuclear weapons in 1979, but he was killed. Who was behind the assassin widely suspected as henchman?

- How correct is the book, “Mugungwa Flowers Have Now Come Out,” concerning the collaboration between President Park Chung-Hee and noted Korean-born nuclear physicist, Dr. Benjamin W. Lee, and the real cause of their mysterious deaths?

- “South Korea can persuade the US, allies to acquiesce at its development of nuclear weapons as it’s for self-defense and survival from N. Korea nuke attack.”

- Wives of ambassadors show off their outstanding live flower arrangement works at Seoul Garden Club exhibition.

- Ambassadors, spouses attend Wangin Culture Festival of Baekje Dynasty (BC18-AD660) in Yeongam County, Jeollanam-do Province.

- Ambassadors, spouses join Dangjin Tug-of-War Culture Festival, visit Hyundai Steel and Catholic martyr Sacred Land.

- National Day, Armed Forces Day, wine-tasting, tourism promotion and various other functions hosted by Poland, Slovakia, Oman, Myanmar, Senegal and Bulgaria.

- President Park Geun-hye has a summit meeting with President Obama of the United States in Seoul for increased ROK-US cooperation.

- Korea and Australia are set to increase bilateral cooperation in trade and security areas.

- President Park: Korea plans to build a ‘Korea Street’ in Dresden in Germany.

- President Park visits the Netherlands and Germany

- President Park discloses plans for peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula.

- “The Demilitarized Zone will become the symbol of peace in Korea and the world: President Park.

- KEPCO dedicates 433MW gas-burning power plant in Mexico.

- SK Hynix develops world’s first highest-density module.

- Korea Agro-fisheries & Food Trade Corps set to increase export.

- Do you wish to have windmill power plants in your country? Why not cooperate with Korea Wind Energy Industry Association for technology and investment?

- Ambassador Krzysztov Majka of Poland receives an honorary doctorate from Keimyung University in Daegu.

- Gwangyang Port is equipped with such optimal environment for logistics business for domestic and international business organizations.

- Azerbaijan: Armenia invades Kalbajar of Azerbaijan, kills 511, captures 321, and displaces 58,000 persons.

- Simone Hearts of Vision Chamber Orchestra presents performance.

- Traveltalk: BBQ Happy Hour at the Oak Room Garden at Millennium Seoul Hilton?


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