Ambassadors, family members are invited to show off their traditional costumes
Ambassadors, family members are invited to show off their traditional costumes
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At Plaza Hotel on Dec. 7 this year

The Daehan News and The Korea Post media co-host the 6th Annual Hanbok Festival on the theme of “Faithfulness to the Nation, the Family and the World” at the Diamond Hall on the 22nd floor of the Seoul Plaza Hotel in front of the Seoul City Government building on Dec. 7, 2017.
This year, unlike in the past, the Festival was expanded to include the traditional National Costumes of all the different countries diplomatically represented in Korea.
In this regard, the Embassies of all the different countries of the world in Seoul are cordially represent their country at the Festival.

Participants in the 4th Hanbok Fashion Contest

The costumes of all the different countries modeled by the members of the embassies will be covered by all five media outlets of The Korea Post (3 in English and 2 in the Korean-language) following the end of the Festival.
In principle, the Ambassador, Madam and their children are invited to introduce their traditional national costumes. However, they may be represented by their deputies if necessary.
The representative of each participating team is presented with a plaque of citation in memory of the occasion.

Photo shows models wearing the costume of an ancient Korean dynasty King (left) and Queen at the 5th annual Hanbok Fashion Show.
International guests model at a Hanbok fashion show hosted by Daehan Ilbo.
Kindergartners appear on the runway wearing children’s Hanbok. The girl on the left wears Saekdong Jogori (a coat with multi-colored sleeves).
A former dynasty warrior was also featured at the Korean costume fashion parade.
Student models show off different Hanbok costumes.
A Yangban (Joseon Dynasty aristocrat) couple show off Hanbok dresses worn at the time.

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