3rd Taebaeksan Folk Music Festival
3rd Taebaeksan Folk Music Festival
  • Kim Jung-mi
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Grand Prix goes to Azerbaijan

The third Taebaeksan International Folk Music Festival was held on Nov. 11 this year
in Taebaek, the “city of oxygen,” with a large number of foreign artists participating.
Hosted by the Taebaek City, the heart of the Baekdu Mountain Range, the folk music festival featured artists from approximately 40 countries around the world.
Among the foreign participants were folk artists from Japan, China, Pakistan, Thailand, Russian, Peru, Cameroon, Czech, Kazakhstan and Bolivia. The festival featured international folk music and dance performance and traditional instrument performance. Each team had three or more participants.
The grand prize went to a folk music team from Azerbaijan; the gold prize to Uzbekistan; the silver prize to Burundi; and the bronze prize to Pakistan. Groups of artists from Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam won the Encouragement Prize, Photography Prize and Costume Prize, respectively.

The third Taebaeksan International Folk Music Festival show held on Nov. 11.

Each year more foreigners participate in the Taebaeksan International Folk Music Festival which was kicked off in 2015 by Taebaek City. With the folk music and dance performance improving as times go by, the event is attracting attention from the world as an international folk music contest.
What is more, about 500 Taebaek citizens attended the event and joined in the fun of experiencing beautiful folk music and dance from around the world.
Of note, Taebaek Mayor Kim Yeon-sik promised that he will endeavor to enhance the overall performance of the Taebaeksan International Folk Music Festival, with more citizens encouraged to enjoy the event. The mayor also promised to transform Taebaek into a “clean and green city and a human city.” Taebaek, located at the center of the Baekdu Mountain Range, which is the backbone of the Korean Peninsula, is a historic city where are located the sacred Taebaek Mountain, source of the Han River, Nakdong River, and Osipcheon Stream.

Folk music team from Uzbekistan, Burundi, and Azerbaijan were awarded for their performance from the Taebaek city Mayor Kim Yeon-sik.

Snow Festival
Every winter Taebaek Mountain turns silvery under a blanket of snow, making it possible for the Mt. Taebaek Snow Festival to be held between late January and early February. The festival includes a variety of events, performances and interesting programs to attract tourists who come to enjoy the magic of winter. Visitors can choose to go hiking up the mountain to take in the gorgeous view, go snow tubing, hop for a Siberian Husky sled ride, play with traditional sleds or take fun photos with the snow sculptures. Various booths will also be open and sell delicious food and traditional snacks.

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