Chairman Kim of Boryung honored with Order of Civil Merit, Mugunghwa Medal
Chairman Kim of Boryung honored with Order of Civil Merit, Mugunghwa Medal
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In recognition of contribution to development of pharmaceutical industry

Chairman Kim Sung-Ho of Boryung Pharmaceutical Company was decorated with an Order of Civil Merit, Mugunghwa Medal, offered by the President of the Republic of Korea, at the celebration meeting of the 42nd Public Health Day at the Grand Conference Hall of the Sejong Government Building Complex in Sejong City on May 7, 2014.

Chairman Kim invested a total of 50 billion won in R&D (research and development) and succeeded in the development of new hypertension medicine, Kanarb Tablet, for the first time in Korea, and signed sales contracts for US$200 million with countries in the Central and South America, the Russian Federation and China?as well as in the domestic market in Korea. It is sheer saga where a Korean company has succeeded in global marketing home-developed medicine.

Chairman Kim was elected as president of the Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association in 1991, and has established a foundation for the promotion of research and development activities at the pharmaceutical companies in Korea. In the same year, Chairman Kim was elected chairman of the World Self Medication Industrial Association and hosted the World Self Medication General Assembly Meeting in Korea for the first time in Asia, greatly contributing to the development of general medicine in Korea and their globalization of marketing of such medicine. Also in 1957, Chairman Kim founded the Boryung Pharmaceutical Company and has thence made great contributions to the advancement of the Korean pharmaceutical companies and made himself a good model for other companies through transparent business management. These facts are considered to have been reflected in the selection of Chairman Kim for the rare honor of receiving the Order of Civil Merit, Mugunghwa Medal.

In addition, Chairman Kim has established the Boryung Medical Service Award and Boryung Academic Award?whereby leading the effort for the advancement of a beautiful medical culture and promotion of academic circles.

Since 1994, Chairman Kim has been the Korean honorary consul general of the Republic of Tuvalu and has been performing the role of a bridge between Korea and Tuvalu as a private diplomat, whereby Chairman Kim has substantially contributed to the well-being of society as well as to the development of Korean pharmaceutical industry.

In particular, Chairman Kim succeeded in the development of new hypertension medicine, Kanarb (Fimasartan), in 2010 for the first time in Korea and eighth in the world.

So far, sales of the home-developed new medicine of Korea remained in the range of several billions of won, hence the common expression of resignation, “Well, newly developed Korean medicine has no market.”

Chairman Kim knocked over this motion of evaluation by winning the first place in the monthly sale of hypertension medicines in Korea where antihypertensive medicine has been leading the market.
Furthermore, Chairman Kim has signed contracts with a total of 16 countries of the world totaling some US$200,000, including 13 countries in Latin America and those in other regions such as Russia and China. Chairman Kim is thus creating a new model of success in the home-developed new medicine in Korea.

Resume of Chairman Kim:
Chairman Kim was born in Boryeong, Chungcheongnam-do on Jan. 6, 1932, graduated from Soongmoon High School in Seoul, Kukhak University in Korea with a major in commerce and the graduate school of Korea University in Seoul
Chairman Kim won an Order of Industrial Merit, Iron Tower, in 1972 and Order of Civil Merit, Moran Medal in 1985.
In 1986 Chairman Kim received Eunjang (Silver Award) from the Government of France and in 2002 he won an Order of Industrial Merit, Silver Tower.

In 2007, Chairman Kim received a Plaque of Appreciation from the Government of the Republic of Congo.

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