The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Post notices and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

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Korea Post Media


What do the major Korean-language dailies say in their editorials this morning?

DongA Ilbo

Trump’s new security strategy

U.S. President Donald Trump will lay out a new National Security Strategy (NSS) on Monday (local time). The U.S. press reported Saturday that the new NSS would define China as a competitor. (

Chosun Ilbo

Was Moon's China Visit Really a 'Success'?Trump’s new security strategy

Cheong Wa Dae said Sunday that President Moon Jae-in's latest visit to China was a "success" and Seoul "consolidated" its security interests.


Korea Joongang Daily

Truth will out

President Moon Jae-in’s chief of staff, Im Jong-seok, took a suspicious trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from Dec. 9 to 12, triggering a controversy.



Round-up of important news stories from major Korean dailies today:

The Korea Post media ( in English, ( in Korean.

Trump vows to 'take care of' N. Korea threat

U.S. President Donald Trump vowed Monday to "take care of" North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile threats as he unveiled the first national security strategy of his administration.

He said his administration has pushed a campaign of "maximum pressure" on North Korea to produce the "toughest ever sanctions" against the regime, but more work remains to be done.

Most ICT firms rosy about 2018 outlook

A majority of South Korean ICT companies are sanguine about the country's economic and their business conditions in 2018, a poll showed Tuesday. According to the survey of 300 domestic ICT firms,

35 percent of the respondents expect Asia's fourth-largest economy to turn for the better next year. Another 50 percent predict the country's economic conditions to remain similar to those of this year,

with the remainder anticipating worsening conditions.

KOICA program promotes better understanding of Korea in Cambodia

The national flags of South Korea and Cambodia hung in front of a three-story building in the middle of the Royal University of Phnom Penh. Inside, a group of students were busy learning

the Korean language, which helps them better understand the country of K-pop and land a decent job.

Bucheon piques interest of Korean comics, kimchi fans

If Korean "manhwa," or comic books, and cartoons are your thing, Bucheon, about 25 kilometers west of Seoul, should be considered a must-visit city in South Korea that has a museum on the art.

Located in the city's Giljuro road, the Korea Manhwa Museum is a multicultural venue dedicated to manhwa art and culture favored by people of all ages.



Trump Unveils Security Strategy, Vows to Take Care of N. Korea Threat

U.S. President Donald Trump vows to neutralize the North Korean ballistic missile threat as his administration reveals its first national security strategy. U.S. President Donald Trump has unveiled

a new national security strategy that focuses on defending the homeland and promoting American prosperity.

Antibiotics-resistant Bacteria Found in 3 of 4 Dead Infants

Health authorities have said that antibiotics-resistant bacteria were detected in three of the four infants who died at Ewha Womans University Medical Center in Seoul on Saturday. The Korea Centers

for Disease Control and Prevention said on Monday that citrobacter freundii was found in blood samples taken from the three babies prior to their deaths.

Moon to Implement 'No Plug-in Policy' in 2018

President Moon Jae-in has ordered the government to take administrative and legal steps by the end of next year to implement the "no plug-in policy." The policy is aimed at enabling people to use all government Web sites without installing separate programs such as ActiveX


Yonhap (

S. Korea's FM leaves for Japan for talks on N.K., bilateral ties

South Korea's top diplomat embarked on her two-day visit to Japan on Tuesday to discuss North Korea's nuclear issue and frayed ties over Japan's wartime sex slavery, Seoul's foreign ministry said.

Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha will hold talks with her Japanese counterpart Taro Kono and meet with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the ministry said.

Veterans ministry confesses to past misconduct

South Korea's veterans affairs ministry announced a set of measures Tuesday to come clean on its "past wrongdoings," especially under the previous conservative administrations. Since the launch of the liberal Moon Jae-in government in May, the Ministry of Patriots & Veterans Affairs (MPVA) has carried out a sweeping internal audit of such controversial programs as security education and support for retired soldiers' groups with profit-making businesses.

S. Korea to host regional football tournament in 2019

South Korea will host a regional football tournament in 2019 that features both men's and women's national football teams, an official from the national football governing body said Tuesday. The East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) E-1 Football Championship will be held in South Korea in 2019, the Korea Football Association (KFA) said, following its rotational order of hosting the four-nation tournament.



The Korea Herald (

'UN to release position on Park detention in January'

MH Group, an international legal group representing ousted President Park Geun-hye, said Monday that the United Nations is to release its position on the legitimacy of Park’s detention in mid-January. Mishana Hosseinioun, president of US-based MH Group, told The Korea Herald that the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention is currently looking into South Korea’s treatment of Park in jail.

Dyson officially claims LG’s A9 descriptions are misleading

UK-based Dyson Technology Limited said Monday in an official statement that it will actively deal with a legal process against South Korea’s LG Electronics, claiming that the company’s cordless vacuum cleaner is described in a misleading manner.

Authorities raise possible virus infection as cause of newborns' deaths

Health authorities said early Tuesday that three of the four newborns who died successively in an intensive care unit last week may have been infected with an antibiotics-resistant virus. The Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed its interim result on the preliminary blood culture tests of the three premature babies, who died over less than a two-hour period while being treated at the intensive care unit of Ewha Womans University Medical Center in western Seoul on Saturday.



The Korea Times (

New KOICA chief vows to redesign int'l aid

Lee Mi-kyung was one of the female activists devoted to developing women's studies in the 1970s and 80s, sponsored by official development assistance (ODA) given through a German organization, the Protestant Association for Cooperation in Development.

Background-blind recruitment opens new opportunity for jobseekers

Professors Marianne Bertrand of the University of Chicago and Sendhil Mullainathan of MIT conducted a survey on the potential discrimination that may occur during the recruitment process.

The two professors sent out the same resumes to many job posts, using a name frequently used by African-Americans for half of the resumes and a name widely used by white Americans for the other half.

Former nuclear negotiator stresses talks with N. Korea

Robert Gallucci, the chief negotiator during the 1994 North Korean nuclear crisis, called for dialogue with the North to make a breakthrough in the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, during his speech at Seoul's National Assembly, Monday. Gallucci, chairman of the U.S.-Korea Institute at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C., reiterated the U.S. should negotiate with Pyongyang, if there's room for improved circumstances through the negotiation.


DongA Ilbo (

Kim Jong Un pays tribute all alone to his late father

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly paid tribute to his late father Kim Jong Il. The young dictator, who declared the completion of the nuclear force marking the sixth anniversary of his taking power, now appears to be promoting himself to the same ranks of the regime’s former rulers.

89 French artworks to be featured in Korea

An exhibition displaying French artworks collected by the Russian imperial family, aristocrats and businessmen will be held in Korea. A special exhibition titled “The State Hermitage Museum Exhibition: French Artworks from the Winter Palace” will be held at the National Museum of Korea in collaboration with the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

A fight for the right against the wrong

University professors have chosen “pa-sa-hyeon-jeong” as the four-character idiom of the year, which means a fight for the right against the wrong. According to a survey conducted by University News Network of 1,000 professors nationwide, 34 percent of the respondents chose this idiom.


Chosun Ilbo (

Chinese Fighter Planes Buzz Korean, Japanese Airspace

Five Chinese military aircraft entered Korea's and Japan's air defense identification zones on Monday morning without warning, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said. he unexpected intrusion prompted

the Air Force to scramble 10 F-15K and KF-16 fighter jets, while Japan deployed a score of F-15J fighter planes.

Most Senior Citizens Earn Their Own Living

More than half of senior citizens now earn their own living rather than being supported by their children. The proportion of senior citizens who earn their own living rose from 46.6 percent in 2008

to 52.6 percent in 2016.

Over 10% of Workers Earn Less Than Minimum Wage

The proportion of workers who earn less than the minimum wage jumped from 4.9 percent in 2002 to 13.6 percent last year, according to Statistics Korea on Sunday. The minimum wage rose 2.8 times

from W2,275 to W6,470 over the same period, largely due to a seven-percent annual hike in the last four years (US$1=W1,090).


HanKyoReh Shinmun (

Blue House officials see positive gains from President Moon’s visit to China

During South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s interview with state-run China Central Television (CCTV), which was conducted on Dec. 8 and broadcast on Dec. 11 prior to his first state visit to China from

Dec. 13 to 16, he declared the goals of his visit to be restoring bilateral trust, creating friendly relations, and improving economic cooperation.

SK Foreign Minister set to make first visit to Japan

Minister of Foreign Affairs Kang Kyung-wha is planning a visit to Japan on Dec. 19-20, her first since taking office. Kang’s visit suggests the Moon Jae-in administration is launching an effort to improve ties with Japan, the only one of the “four major powers” (including the US, China, and Russia) it has yet to begin mending fences with.

Lack of responsibility in assault on Korean photographers

“For the sake of the greater good, please don’t report on this. Some people are also saying that the South Korean reporter was the first to use harsh language and grab the security guards by the collar.”

The Chinese reporter who had called me apologized repeatedly on behalf of the perpetrators and asked me to refrain from reporting on the assault on South Korean photojournalists by guards from

a Chinese security company that occurred on Dec. 14 at an event attended by South Korean President Moon Jae-in.


JoongAng Ilbo (

Chinese warplanes trespass into Kadiz

Five Chinese military aircraft, including bombers and fighter jets, breached Korea’s air defense identification zone (Kadiz) Monday morning without notice, prompting the South Korean Air Force

to scramble its fighters in response.

Chief of staff’s UAE trip erupts in controversy

A controversy has arisen over the presidential chief of staff’s abrupt visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) despite the Blue House’s claim there was no diplomatic emergency between the two countries.

President Moon Jae-in dispatched Im Jong-seok, Blue House chief of staff, as a special envoy to the UAE and Lebanon earlier this month. Im left for the UAE on Dec. 9 and visited Lebanon on Dec. 11.

Snow disrupts flights, damages cars in Seoul

Heavy Monday morning snowfall caused over a hundred flight delays and cancellations. Seoul, Gyeonggi and western Gangwon were hit with significant flurries. By 11 a.m., 89 departures were delayed

at Incheon International Airport, according to the Korea Airports Corporation (KAC). The airport saw over 5.4 centimeters (2.12 inches) of snow before noon.


The KyungHyang Shinmun (

Government Considers Imposing Transfer Tax When Buying and Selling Virtual Currency

With the increasing social interest in virtual currency, the government has begun preparations to impose taxes. In particular, the need to impose a transfer income tax has been highlighted due to the speculative tendency in the market aiming for profits in the transaction of cryptocurrency. According to the words of government officials on December 17, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance will soon gather a task force on the taxation of cryptocurrency consisting of experts from the National Tax Service and blockchain experts to discuss taxation.

South Korea and China Step Beyond THAAD and Move Closer to Practical Interests

President Moon Jae-in concluded his four-day trip to China and returned on December 16. While some experts refer to the latest visit as "failed diplomacy" pointing to the assault on journalists and the neglect of protocol, a look at the agreement reached by the two countries show that the trip was a practical diplomatic effort with great outcomes.

The Difference Between THAAD and the Cuban Missile Crisis

About two years, I posed a question to a Chinese professor I met on a business trip to China. "Why is China so sensitive to the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system?" The placement of the THAAD missiles on the Korean Peninsula was hot potato back then as well.


The Korea Economic Daily (

Tourism and Duty-free Industries Hopeful about Improving Korea-China Relations

As Korea and China are set to improve their relationship that was rocked by thecontroversy over the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-ballisticmissile system, Korea's tourism and duty-free shopping industries are raisingtheir hopes of better days.

Korea Investment buys China Airlines-leased aircraft for $165 mn

Korea Investment & Securities Co. Ltd. has acquired a Boeing aircraft leased by Taiwan-based China Airlines for around 180 billion won ($165 million), which may signal domestic investors’ return to the aviation financing market in more than a half year.

Hyundai Investments raises $162 mn for US debt securitization fund

Hyundai Investments Co. Ltd. has collected $162 million from five South Korean institutional investors to invest in a $2 billion US real estate debt securitization fund, as it is keen to introduce new types of alternative assets to the country’s biggest asset owners seeking to further diversify portfolios.


AJU Business Daily (

Jonghyun complains about extreme depression in alleged suicide note

SHINee member Kim Jong-hyun complained about extreme mental fatigue and depression in his letter sent to his friend before he was found dead in an apparent suicide. In a police search Monday at the request of Kim's sister who reported that her brother was trying to commit suicide, the 27-year-old, better known as Jonghyun, was found unconscious at a rented studio apartment in southern Seoul at 6:10 pm (0900 GMT).

LG teams up with Meridian to produce new audio products.

LG Electronics, a top home appliance maker in South Korea, forged an alliance with Meridian Audio of Britain to produce high-performance premium audio products including soundbar and wireless speakers.

LG said Tuesday that the two companies would deliver unique solutions to provide listeners with "unsurpassed entertainment experience".

Boy band BTS cooperates with LINE Friends to produce character items

South Korea's popular body band BTS released character items through cooperation with LINE Friends, a global messaging app brand known for various character items, in Seoul and New York.

Helped by LINE Friends, the group has been involved in sketching and designing character items in a project launched by Shinsegae, a major South Korean department store franchise.


Maeil Business News Korea (

Lotte Chemical ramps up ethylene output in Malaysia

Lotte Chemical Corp. has expanded its ethylene plant in Malaysia as part of plans to boost its output capacity at home and abroad and become a major chemical player.

The Korean company said on Monday its Malaysia-based subsidiary Lotte Chemical Titan took three years to complete the 300 billion won ($275.8 million) expansion project.

SK Global Chemical completes PVDC business acquisition from Dow

SK Global Chemical, an affiliate of South Korea’s SK Innovation, said on Monday it has completed a deal to purchase polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) business from Dow Chemical

for an undisclosed sum. The deal could be worth $75 million, according to people familiar with the matter.

KT to build high-speed communication network in Gabon

South Korea’s leading broadband and mobile carrier KT Corp. has won a 9 million euro deal from the Gabonese government to build a high-speed communication network that runs 528km

across the African country, the company announced on Sunday.


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