Herald Media continues healthy growth to the delight of ‘Old Boys’
Herald Media continues healthy growth to the delight of ‘Old Boys’
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Publisher Kwon’s remarks arouse sense of pride among formers members

Publisher Kwon Chung-won of The Herald Media said that he is managing the company successfully yielding profits from various business operations of the Herald Corporation, including the environment-friendly organic products.

Publisher Kwon Chung-won of The Herald Media and Chairman Yun Ik-han (7th and 8th from left, front row, respectively), make a ‘Heart Sign’ with their fingers together with other members of the ‘Old Boys’ Club of The Herald Media at the Press Center Building in Seoul on Dec. 8, 2017. Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post (former Cultural Editor of The Korea Herald) is making the same thumb-finger gesture seated second from left, front row. Some 200 ‘Old Boys’ attended the 2017 Year-end Reunion.

Speaking at the reunion party of the ‘Old Boys’ Club of the Herald Media he hosted at the Seoul Press Center building on Dec. 8, 2017, CEO Kwon said, “We will be able to stand tall among our peers, in the area of mobile, on-line news, where we are now the sixth or seventh largest.” Then he said, “We will be very strong in the on-line, mobile area very soon.”
An estimated 200 former publishers, editors and reporters of The Korea Herald Media attended the year-end reunion hosted by Chairman Jungwook Hong and Publisher Kwon Chung-won of the Herald Corporation.

Participants at the year-end Herald Reunion party salute to the National Flag of Korea (Taegeuk-gi) during the presentation of the National Anthem. At far left, foreground, is Publisher Kwon of The Herald Media, Chairman Yun of the Old Boys’ Club, second from left, foreground, and Publisher-Chairman Lee of The Korea Post media at far right.

Among the participants, besides Chairman Yun Ik-han of the Club (former executive vice president and editor-in-chief of The Korea Herald), were former Publisher-Presidents Yoo Byung-chang, Kim Kyung-chul, Park Jung-woong and Choi Suh-young; Deputy Editor Choi Kwin-jo of the Korean-language Herald Busienss; and former Cultural Editor Lee Kyung-sik (now publisher-chairman of The Korea Post media).

Publisher Kwon of The Chung-won of The Herald Media

The highlight, one would say, was the impressive welcome speech made by Chairman Yun Ik-han of the Herald Old Boys’ Club. He said in part:
“The Herald Media, mother of the ‘Old Boys,’ stands firmly behind us offering an unfathomable source of hope and confidence. As everyone knows, the media industry is facing a very difficult time. However, Chairman Jungwook Hong and President Kwon Chung-won are overcoming all these difficulties through the use of their creative business management knowhow, and continue their ambitious march forward.” (See excerpts from the speech of Chairman Yoon.)

Chairman Yun Ik-han of the Herald Old Boys’ Club

Excerpts from the welcome speech of Chairman Yun of the Herald Old Boys Club:
My heart kept throbbing for many days over the prospect of the joy of our reunion this evening. With the joy of our reunion not long away, the palpitation grew and soon it turned into an anxiety. I prayed to the Heaven for a good weather. However, this evening braving the somewhat chilly temperatures so many Old Boys came. My worries now turn into a sense of profound gratitude and joy. I am so happy that we have so many old friends there this evening!
It looks as if it were just yesterday, but the Year End Reunion last year right at this building was during the Candle Vigil in the midst of an unprecedented political unrest. Then we had worries but at the same time also expectations and they even offer a topic of discussions this evening.

Former publisher-presidents of the Herald Media offer a toast with one another.

New Constitutional order prevails in the South today, but we still face tough problems offered by the nuclear missile provocations of North Korea. We have to overcome the serious national security challenges forced upon us by the North Korean regime.
On top of this, we have news that an effort is being made to recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel which is turning the Middle East into an unpredictable situation.
Against this backdrop, we, too, face a very serious situation where the problems would not be able to be solved unless through the use of a very high level of mathematic formula.

A partial view of the year-end party venue with Chairman Yun speaking behind rostrum in the center and Secretary General Kim Mun-hee (standing at the left-hand corner of the room) introducing the guests.

We have a saying, “It is the darkest shortly before the dawn.” So shall we pin our hope on this old saying? However, it appears that it is going to be really tough time we have ahead.
Against this challenging backdrop, we are now again together—toward the end of the year. We call this year-end party “A year-sending party.” I would say that it might be a good idea that instead of ‘sending a year’ we could reflect upon how we have lived in the past one year and ponder “How we can better live the coming New Year.”
Maybe not many people want to hear this, but we have a much shorter span of life ahead than that which we have spent already. The source of comfort and joy from what remains of our live would for us to be meet and mingle together sharing and broadening the range of our friendship to override the wall of solitude.

Publisher Lee (center) shakes hands with his former boss, President-Publisher Park Haeng-hwan of The Korea Herald media. At left is former Director Park Young-ho of the Korean business daily, Herald Kyungje, now vice chairman of The Korea Post media.

This has been proven true through repeated meetings of the Old Boys’ Club of The Herald Media, and the true cause of this is found comes from the warm friendship and relationship that bound all the members in the form of fate. This is an invaluable relationship and needless to say this relationship should be further enhanced and promoted to contribute to enriching the life of all our members.
The Herald Media, mother of the “Old Boys,” stands firmly behind us offering an unfathomable source of hope and confidence.
As everyone knows, the media industry is facing a very difficult time.
However, Chairman Jungwook Hong of the Herald Media and President Kwon Chung-won are overcoming various difficulties through the use of their creative business management knowhow, and continue their ambitious march forward.

Secretary General Lee Mun-hee of the Herald Media Old Boys’ Club

I offer from the bottom of my heart my strongest support and gratitude to all the members of the Herald Media.
What would you all say to this suggestion of mine?
How would we, all the Old Boys, volunteer to be the Public Relations ambassadors of the Herald Media to do our part to contribute to further development and growth of the Herald Media. In fact, we have already been doing this.
Looking back on the bygone days, there have been times of good and bad and it is true that due to misunderstanding there have been cases of lost love. Now looking back upon the past, we come to realize how unwise it has been for us to remain with closed hearts.
People living on the southern side of a mountain call it a “Northern Mountain” while those living on the northern side call it a “Southern Mountain.”

Publisher Kwon Chung-won of The Herald Media (right) introduces the editors and business leaders of the company.

The degree of sensation of happiness appears to depend on how we can mingle with one another with an open and comfortable mind.
Everyone present at this meeting, I would say, has been treading a path of successful and valuable life. However, I would say that the true value of the achievement cannot be measured through the yard stick of external measurement. I, too, often feel a measure of pain over a stifle thing. Maybe, I am getting really old, too, but the words of a bygone popular song to which I paid little attention now sounds so beautiful and pierces through my heart.

A large bouquet of flowers of Chairman Jungwook Hong of the Herald Media stands in front of entrance of the party venue.

The body is getting old, but the mind hesitates to keep pace with the body. The old days do not go but continue to linger around me. The past is not that which goes away. The past stays in our memory and we keep revisiting what happened in the bygone days.
The year-end reunion this evening takes all of us back to the good old days when we were all together. It is exactly like the school art festival we had while were all primary school children. Why don’t we all go back to the ‘Good Old Days’?
Soon, we will see performances by some selected ‘students of the school art festival’ presenting some of their treasured numbers.
Some of our Old Boys, unable to forgo the immeasurable of reunion, are here attending this party aided by their spouses.
They can hardly forget the warmth of their old home in heart, the Herald Old Boys’ Club. I offer my prayers for continued development of growth the Old Boys’ Club.
I would like to repeat expression of my heart-felt gratitude to the Herald Media Company who have made it all happen. Thank you!

Former Economic Editor Chang Seung-ik of The Korea Herald is playing a clarinet captivating the 'Old Boys' with sweet melodies (left) while former Photo Editor Kim Byung-won sports his skills at sexaphone.

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